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  • mishmisha9
    Apr 28, 2008
      Hello, Jivat, Etznab and All!

      First, Jivat (hope you don't mind I've shortened your name), welcome
      to ESA. I've enjoyed your posts. And Etznab, nice that you share so
      much of your research and thoughts here. : )

      I guess one could say there is nothing new under the sun in
      regards to religions, the old and the "new!" The interesting thing
      that we need to remember is that for a con to work or for a leader
      to gain a following, truth and fiction have to be mixed. Many
      people will look for truth to validate what is being sold. The
      mistake is believing that finding a kernal of truth in a religious
      teaching makes it valid or truthful in all portions of it. Or that
      the obvious duplicity is okay because that one kernal of truth
      is more important than all the lies. This IMO is flawed rationale!

      I think the best thing to happen to eckankar is Harold Klemp. He
      is such a ridiculous head of church that Saturday Night Live could
      create some good skits, or even better, just imagine what Steven
      Cobert would do with this self-proclaimed godman, "the highest
      consciousness known to mankind" delusional fool! LOL! It sure is
      fun to poke fun at him, isn't it? And doesn't Klemp make eckankar
      look dumb and silly??

      Anyway, why do we need religion? Why do we cluster in groups
      trying to find a stairway to heaven? I suppose much of it has to
      do with the fear of the unknown and the safety in numbers. For
      the con men like Klemp, there is the need to be important and the
      need to control other people and to feed off their money and

      I'm reading an interesting book called "Under the Banner of Heaven"
      by Jon Krakauer. It is about the extreme religious beliefs of fundamental
      Mormons and how it has evolved to present day. I probably shouldn't
      use the word "evolve" because evolution really speaks of advancement
      through the ages. Fundamentalism stays in the dark ages and refuses
      to grow and improve beyond growing in membership.

      I'm waiting for Klemp's next book--I so enjoyed reading "Those
      Wonderful ECK Masters," published in 2005. Seems that Klemp is
      slow writing these days--is he lazy or befuddled as to how to
      continue his lies and schemes?? I'm sure he is still wanting to put
      Joan up there as Co-L.E.M. I'd almost bet he's hell bent on doing so
      because he has to prove that he can do it and not be thwarted by
      critical thinking individuals who can see through his cons! LOL!

      With eckankar under Klemp the con has evolved while individual
      spirituality has stagnated! Too bad, so sad! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "jivatmananda"
      <jivatmananda@...> wrote:
      > > Is this why ancient history is in such shambles? And
      > > comes in countless versions? Because it's easier to go
      > > and copy something already existing than it is to discover
      > > the actual truth about history for oneself? Is this why so
      > > many people boo-hoo recorded history as worthy of study,
      > > but gravitate to legend, mystery and myth instead? The
      > > latter is truth mixed with untruth, which is easier to write?
      > Do you remember playing the telephone game when you were a child?
      > The game works like this. You get a group of people in line, one
      > person at one end whispers a sentence and from that pint the message
      > is whispered down the line. The hilarity ensues when last person
      > states the message and it turns out is completely different from
      > what the person said. The telephone game shows information gets
      > changes through multiple parties.
      > I guess all these legends evolved the same way. Maybe there was an
      > element of truth in these stories about Atlantis, but it got so
      > diluted that these legends no longer have any historical value.
      > It's no better than tales such as Cindarella or Snow White and the
      > Seven Dwarfs.
      > All these Kali Yuga tales originate from the Indian mythology and
      > Eckankar didn't invent anything. It was just another player in a long
      > telephone game.
      > All established religions followed pretty much the same pattern
      > since the beginning of recorded history, so there is definitely not
      > anything new under the Sun. The Roman Empire borrowed the Greek
      > mythology while merely renaming the divinities. The Christian
      > religion borrowed symbols and beliefs from pagan religions.
      > I guess the same game will continue in the next centuries and
      > millenia.
      > Jivatmananda
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