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3331Re: Harry Contradicts His Holy Book

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 28, 2008
      It's true that PT and HK borrowed much of this
      myth from other religions. This is one thing that
      attracts other New Age types to Eckankar. Atlantis
      and Lemuria (Mu), etc. are myths that Eckankar
      believes in and shares with other New Agers, etc.

      The Yugas and Wheel of 84, etc. is more myth
      that Eckankar shares with other religions.

      It goes on and on of course! Copyrighted names
      and tweaked Leaps of Faith are the only things
      original to Eckankar. All religions are, basically,


      etznab@... wrote:

      jivatmananda@... writes:


      > The copyright for S.K.S. II was 1971. The copyright for The
      > ECK-VIDYA, Ancient Science of Prophecy is 1972. In the 7th
      > Printing, 1994 version of The ECK-VIDYA, on p. 51 appears:
      > ".... Soul must struggle through each of the eras and at the
      > end of this cosmic cycle It will, if It hasn't reached perfection
      > and entered into the heavenly worlds, be put into a deep sleep
      > or coma, lifted up into the heavenly worlds, and kept in this
      > state for a duration of many years. Meanwhile the lower or
      > psychic states will be destroyed and all the lower worlds now
      > gone, the space left will be in silence and darkness until the
      > SUGMAD decides to re-establish them again. Then those
      > Souls which had been put into sleep will start their journey
      > over again to reach perfection."

      > I suspect this is part of what happens when people "borrow"
      > history. It gets transferred in the same general form. History
      > based on history doesn't need to check for credibility. Data
      > gets taken (relatively speaking) just as is. Mystery, mistakes,
      > errors, contradictions, impossibilities and all! In other words,
      > this idea of Mahayuga & Manvantara - & associated numbers
      > is not unique to recorded history. However, one can add the
      > numbers for the first three cycles of the four cycles and then
      > subtract that from the historical date for beginning of the last
      > fraction (Kali Yuga) of the 4,320,000 cycle. The date found in
      > The ECK-VIDYA mentioned earlier was given as February -
      > 3102 B.C.
      > http://mirrorh.com/mu.html
      > The one thing that fraggles me most about ancient and
      > recorded history is that the falseness and errors don't go
      > away after the actual truth gets degraded over time, and
      > people continue to graft that version of it onto the annals
      > of history. Wrong information - taken and written (copierd)
      > down over and over is still wrong information!
      > Instead of taking incredible history and passing it off to
      > future generations as credible, maybe the writers should
      > investigate and research information for themselves first!
      > Not just take anybody & everybody's word for it - who
      > claim to be authorities. (BTW, Paul Twitchell wrote about
      > authority - early on.)
      > Is this why ancient history is in such shambles? And
      > comes in countless versions? Because it's easier to go
      > and copy something already existing than it is to discover
      > the actual truth about history for oneself? Is this why so
      > many people boo-hoo recorded history as worthy of study,
      > but gravitate to legend, mystery and myth instead? The
      > latter is truth mixed with untruth, which is easier to write?
      > Personally, I like the questions about recorded history.
      > It shows that people are searching for the Whole Truth.
      > Etznab
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