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3330Re: Peddar Zaskq vs. Paul Twitchell

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 28, 2008
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      Hi All,
      It is interesting that PT claims Rebazar Tarzs
      (RT) Was or Is Still a Tibetan Lama who is also
      500 years old! Yet, the Dali Lama has never
      mentioned Rebazar Tarzs' name! Why? Because
      it's more fiction by Twitchell!

      "But it is a FACT that his (PT's) Master Rebazar Tarzs,
      an ancient Tibetan lama, who appears in his early
      forties, was a young man when Columbus discovered
      America." [Difficulties of Becoming the Living ECK Master,
      pg. 250]

      It's, also, interesting to note that Rebazar "was a young
      man when Columbus discovered America." So, was RT
      an ECK Master as a young man?

      Did RT help Columbus on his (EK) mission to discover
      "protein" with Fubbi's influence, although, RT was just a
      "young man" at the time?

      And yes, it does look like Twit was slyly associating
      himself (Peddar) to be a past life EK Master, and from
      another incarnation. PT did this to further establish his
      lineage as a present day EK Master in his, then, current
      incarnation. This is similar to Buddhist beliefs! After all,
      PT's Master (Tibetan lama Rebazar) is Paul's fictitious link
      to verify these "facts."


      "Elizabeth" wrote:
      Etznab wrote:

      > "Dalai Lama
      > In Tibetan Buddhism, the successive Dalai Lamas form a lineage of allegedly
      > reborn (tulku) magistrates which traces back to 1391. They are of the Gelug
      > sect of Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhists believe the Dalai Lama to be one of
      > innumerable incarnations of Avalokite¬úvara ("Chenrezig" [spyan ras gzigs] in
      > Tibetan), the bodhisattva of compassion.
      > He is often styled "His Holiness" (HH) before his title.
      > The bodhisattva who is the reincarnation of Avalokiteshvara , a.k.a.
      > Chenrezig , the bodhisattva of Compassion. He is a single being who has been
      > reincarnated 14 times as the Dalai Lama. See also lama . The Dalai Lama has
      > always been a combination the chief spiritual leader and the chief political
      > leader of Tibet.
      > ... RT was / is a great Tibetan Master.... Wonder why HH never mentions
      > him?
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