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3311Re: Eckists Don't Need A mahanta - The Holy Spirit Will Do Just Fine!

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 17, 2008
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      On another road trip last year I had another
      experience where the Holy Spirit intervened.

      I had 20,000 miles on my tires but still plenty
      of tread for the trip. On the way back home
      my passenger wanted to stop at a restroom
      and I could always put more fuel in as well
      so I took the next exit.

      As I was coming outside from paying the bill, for
      my fuel, a person approached me (he was parked
      at the fuel pump in front of me). He stated that
      he had some bad news for me and pointed to my
      front tires. They were both worn down to the core
      on the inside of the tires!

      I thanked the man (from Ontario) and then began
      to call and locate the car dealership closest to us.
      There was one ten miles back so I drove very carefully
      and much slower.

      The dealership took care of me rather quickly (I had
      all four tires replaced). I also had them do a four
      wheel alignment. They discovered that the toe-in
      alignment was off and this is what caused the abnormal
      inside wear to my tires.

      WOW! Was I ever relieved! If I would have had a blow
      out of a front tire at around 80 mph it wouldn't have
      been nice!

      It was the Holy Spirit working with Soul that intervened!

      It wasn't the fake Mahanta... Klemp! HK had nothing to
      do with it with it! No ECKists Onboard!

      This is just more proof that ECKists don't need Eckankar
      or a LEM/Mahanta! Soul/Spirit is all one needs!

      Why would an advanced Soul need a religion let alone
      one where most Souls are only in the "middle" of the
      hierarchy (1-14) and can only reach "Spiritual-Realization"
      in this lifetime! Soul can have relationships with other
      Souls outside of any religion. It's not necessary to be
      a card carrying member of any religion. There's a big
      world (universe) out there beyond the limitations of dogma
      found in all religions like Eckankar.

      ECKists need to stop and think and quit giving credit
      to a middleman Mahanta for the good things that happen
      to them while these same chelas take the blame for the bad.
      This is typical of what religions do to people... including

      Really, think about it... was it the Holy Spirit and Soul,
      or was it an imaginary EK Master or the invisible magical
      Mahanta (Klemp) taking credit for the good experiences?
      However, when the experience was "bad" then it was either
      on you (the chela) due to karma, except, it was actually
      "good" because it was a "spiritual" test... Catch-22!

      This Catch-22 disclaimer is what HK uses to avoid responsibility
      when his "protection" for his chelas doesn't pass the test
      of reality!


      > Hello All,
      > I was recently on a driving trip and had a very
      > unique experience where the Holy Spirit intervened.
      > I was in the left hand "fast" lane and going through
      > the city at around 11:30 a.m. I was keeping up with
      > the flow of traffic and making good time. In the distance
      > I saw a car pull onto the left hand shoulder and stop.
      > A cop got out and pointed his laser gun at me but it
      > was too late... for him... I was too close for the laser
      > to get a bead on me. I made it by a matter of a few
      > feet and a couple of seconds... it was a close call!
      > But wait! There's more!
      > This close call (at getting a speeding ticket) caused
      > me to slow down about 15 mph. However, I still stayed
      > in the left "fast" lane and had made it out of down town
      > and was now headed out of the city when it happened.
      > Suddenly my car began to lose control I thought it
      > was due to a flat tire, but whatever it was I needed
      > to regain control! After swerving some I pulled the
      > car over to the left hand shoulder stopped and got
      > out to view the damage. I looked down to see which
      > tire went flat and began to wonder who I should call
      > for help. The driver's side tires looked okay so that
      > means I probably needed to change a tire on the
      > dangerous freeway side. I watched for traffic and
      > went around to view the damage. Those tires looked
      > fine... I even touched them and they both looked
      > good. I now decided that something must have broken
      > loose from the under carriage or suspension. It did
      > look like the left rear wheel suspension was lower
      > and I thought that maybe I'd blown a shock or broke
      > a spring.
      > Anyway, if I hadn't slowed down due to the cop I might
      > have flipped the car or run it into the concrete divider,
      > or into another car!
      > I got back inside the car started it up and drove slowly
      > and picked up speed until I could safely merge across
      > the four lanes. I thought I'd see if I could make it to the
      > next exit, but the car seemed to be driving okay so I thought
      > that I'd go to the closest dealer instead.
      > After 45 minutes at the dealer's service center it was
      > determined that my yaw stabilization sensor malfunctioned
      > and this had locked up the brake on a rear wheel. There
      > was nothing that they could do since they didn't have the
      > part and a replacement would cost about $800. Anyway,
      > I slowed down and made it the rest of the way home without
      > incident.
      > Now, if I was still an Eckist I could always attribute my
      > good fortune and protection to the Mahanta! But, I'm not
      > an Eckist... and to top that off I've been spitting into the
      > Mahanta's (HK's) face!
      > So, how can this be? Well... no one needs a middleman,
      > and a phony one at that!
      > Just go directly to the Source... the Holy Spirit (Eck, etc.)!
      > Besides, IT will come to you! Actually, IT has all along!
      > Klemp and the other religious leaders (i.e., demi-gods,
      > and mini-masters) just take the credit! It's a Catch-22!
      > Prometheus
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