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3299Re: HK the "Powerful" LEM/Mahanta Can't Even Control Weather!

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  • mishmisha9
    Apr 2, 2008
      It would seem that obstacles like bad weather which obviously
      are beyond Klemp's ability to control (he can only control gullible
      followers, btw) would be a wake up for these chelas--that
      they shouldn't be taken in by the eckankar scam. I'd be
      re-thinking the "need" to trek up to Minneapolis and would
      be thinking some place warm and sunny more conducive to
      relaxing and doing contemplations . . . not to mention having
      some fun, too! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > One has to wonder What good is Klemp when it comes
      > to Real World (object) Results? Of course, if the weather
      > (for the EK Springtime Seminar) would have been nice and
      > sunny HK would have taken credit for that too! But it wasn't
      > so Why Not? If HK embodies the full force of the Light and
      > Sound then Why are there only trivial and isolated incidences
      > reported and by ECKists and by those they have influenced?
      > Testimonials are a dime a dozen in any religion... Why is
      > Eckankar any different? ECKists should think about that!
      > Klemp has fun in making things up just as Twit did, thus,
      > I'm rather surprised he didn't come up with an excuse that
      > the Negative weather was just a reflection of our negative
      > and stressful world... which is (actually) good because this,
      > too, is a spiritual challenge. Catch-22!
      > It's all good! And, HK takes credit for it all without delivering
      > anything... it's all imaginary and wishful thinking which results
      > in the believer's mind producing its own vicious cycles of active
      > placebos.
      > So, once again, Why 6 inches of snow for the EK Springtime Seminar
      > when Klemp is supposed to be greater than the 4th Plane "God"
      > that other religions worship?
      > Prometheus
      > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello All,
      > > Yes, it true! Eckankar's all powerful LEM/Mahanta couldn't
      > > prevent SNOW during their Springtime Seminar! Klemp via
      > > the definition for LEM/Mahanta in his EK Lexicon and in the
      > > EK Holy Shariyats claims to be "all powerful," but it's all talk!
      > >
      > > Now ECKists can visualize and imagine visitations and think
      > > that they are more special than other people via nudges, etc.
      > > but other people who are former or non-ECKists experience
      > > nudges from Soul/Spirit too!
      > >
      > > But let's look at another more objective reality. Let's look at
      > > what Klemp "claims" that he is able to do versus what he can
      > > "actually" do. We know that HK Can't really "protect" his chelas
      > > because these chelas Wouldn't Be Dying from cancer IF HK's
      > > "special" abilities were true!
      > >
      > > The Shariyat states the following concerning the 4th Circle:
      > > "... the growth of consciousness is frequently accomplished
      > > by certain mental distresses, and also by physical illnesses.
      > > The latter indicates that, with mental changes, deep-seated
      > > and lingering remains of old illnesses will come to the surface
      > > and be passed off. The body slowly adapts itself to the new
      > > mental state."
      > >
      > > So, if this is true then Why can't Klemp protect his H.I.s,
      > > or himself from "physical illnesses?"
      > >
      > > BTW- Klemp recently stated that 8ths were on the "threshold"
      > > to "Spiritual-Realization" and the Shariyat states, those of
      > > the 5th Circle, are 'dwellers on the threshold.'
      > >
      > > Can the Mahanta Control the psychic and material worlds
      > > or Not?! Where is the proof and where are the prophecies?
      > >
      > > If Klemp can't change the weather then why didn't he, last
      > > year, reschedule the Springtime Seminar for the week AFTER
      > > Easter? Why have the Seminar that early anyway? Why not have
      > > it on the 4th of July weekend? The reason the Seminar is held
      > > then is because it is Easter weekend and ECKists from around
      > > the world use these Christian Holy Days to get off work, to travel,
      > > and to attend this EK Springtime Seminar. Isn't that strange to
      > > use another's Religious Holy Days that way! Why Not use a Secular
      > > Holiday? I guess because HK needs an almost worldwide holiday
      > > to use for Eckankar.
      > >
      > > How many inches of snow did they get in Chanhassen for that
      > > Temple Tour? Six! Way to go Harry... you're not much help at
      > > even the simple things like nice weather for a few days! Pitiful!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
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