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3298Re: HK the "Powerful" LEM/Mahanta Can't Even Control Weather!

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 1, 2008
      One has to wonder What good is Klemp when it comes
      to Real World (object) Results? Of course, if the weather
      (for the EK Springtime Seminar) would have been nice and
      sunny HK would have taken credit for that too! But it wasn't
      so Why Not? If HK embodies the full force of the Light and
      Sound then Why are there only trivial and isolated incidences
      reported and by ECKists and by those they have influenced?
      Testimonials are a dime a dozen in any religion... Why is
      Eckankar any different? ECKists should think about that!

      Klemp has fun in making things up just as Twit did, thus,
      I'm rather surprised he didn't come up with an excuse that
      the Negative weather was just a reflection of our negative
      and stressful world... which is (actually) good because this,
      too, is a spiritual challenge. Catch-22!

      It's all good! And, HK takes credit for it all without delivering
      anything... it's all imaginary and wishful thinking which results
      in the believer's mind producing its own vicious cycles of active

      So, once again, Why 6 inches of snow for the EK Springtime Seminar
      when Klemp is supposed to be greater than the 4th Plane "God"
      that other religions worship?


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > Yes, it true! Eckankar's all powerful LEM/Mahanta couldn't
      > prevent SNOW during their Springtime Seminar! Klemp via
      > the definition for LEM/Mahanta in his EK Lexicon and in the
      > EK Holy Shariyats claims to be "all powerful," but it's all talk!
      > Now ECKists can visualize and imagine visitations and think
      > that they are more special than other people via nudges, etc.
      > but other people who are former or non-ECKists experience
      > nudges from Soul/Spirit too!
      > But let's look at another more objective reality. Let's look at
      > what Klemp "claims" that he is able to do versus what he can
      > "actually" do. We know that HK Can't really "protect" his chelas
      > because these chelas Wouldn't Be Dying from cancer IF HK's
      > "special" abilities were true!
      > The Shariyat states the following concerning the 4th Circle:
      > "... the growth of consciousness is frequently accomplished
      > by certain mental distresses, and also by physical illnesses.
      > The latter indicates that, with mental changes, deep-seated
      > and lingering remains of old illnesses will come to the surface
      > and be passed off. The body slowly adapts itself to the new
      > mental state."
      > So, if this is true then Why can't Klemp protect his H.I.s,
      > or himself from "physical illnesses?"
      > BTW- Klemp recently stated that 8ths were on the "threshold"
      > to "Spiritual-Realization" and the Shariyat states, those of
      > the 5th Circle, are 'dwellers on the threshold.'
      > Can the Mahanta Control the psychic and material worlds
      > or Not?! Where is the proof and where are the prophecies?
      > If Klemp can't change the weather then why didn't he, last
      > year, reschedule the Springtime Seminar for the week AFTER
      > Easter? Why have the Seminar that early anyway? Why not have
      > it on the 4th of July weekend? The reason the Seminar is held
      > then is because it is Easter weekend and ECKists from around
      > the world use these Christian Holy Days to get off work, to travel,
      > and to attend this EK Springtime Seminar. Isn't that strange to
      > use another's Religious Holy Days that way! Why Not use a Secular
      > Holiday? I guess because HK needs an almost worldwide holiday
      > to use for Eckankar.
      > How many inches of snow did they get in Chanhassen for that
      > Temple Tour? Six! Way to go Harry... you're not much help at
      > even the simple things like nice weather for a few days! Pitiful!
      > Prometheus
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