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3261972nd LEM Translates and Klemp Doesn't Mention It!

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 24, 2008
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      Did Klemp mention the translation of the 972nd LEM
      at the EK Springtime Seminar? I didn't hear of it being

      Did Klemp even know of Darwin's translation?
      Shouldn't the Mahanta/LEM have "known" when Darwin died?
      The fact that HK didn't know shows that Klemp is No Master!

      Or, is it that Klemp didn't mention DG's death because
      he lacks true Compassion and Love? I'll bet Klemp was
      still holding a grudge and still can't let go of his anger!

      Either way it shows that Klemp comes up lacking even average
      qualities of consciousness let alone those "higher" standards of
      a Master! This is more proof that Klemp is a phony and has no
      right to claim that he is The Great Master of all Masters! Bullsh_t!


      mish wrote:
      > This is what is posted on ATOM about the death
      > of Darwin Gross. I thought it would be good to
      > include it here for eckankar history reference purposes.
      > From: http://www.atomworld.org/
      > March 2008 ATOM Post
      > Sri Darwin Gross, Teacher
      > & 972nd Living Master
      > Contemplation Seed
      > "The one thing we as human beings must learn is to get
      > above the astral and mental thoughts and their forces,
      > and allow the one God to lead us, then we will not be misled.…
      > All the answers to questions the individual might have can
      > be found at the temple within."
      > Light is Knowledge by Darwin Gross
      > To All Our ATOM Friends and Initiates
      > It is with deep sadness we announce that our Beloved Master,
      > Sri Darwin Gross, translated from his physical body on Saturday,
      > March 8th at 10:35 a.m. PST. It is difficult to put into words all
      > that Darwin (Darji) was, and still is, and what he meant to so
      > many that look to him for Spiritual guidance and succor. Over
      > the years his physical body began reflecting the tremendous
      > Spiritual workload he had taken on—not only for his chelas
      > (students) but for all Life—here on this plane and beyond.
      > Darwin had stated in his Will that no memorial or funeral service
      > be held. On March 12th his physical body was cremated and his
      > ashes dispersed in the ocean at Gleneden Beach on the Oregon
      > Coast. Just afterwards, there were four sea gulls that stood at
      > attention in a square formation overlooking the spot where the
      > ashes had been swept away by the thunderous surf.
      > Even though it is hard for us to see him leave this physical world,
      > there is no doubt that he had completed his mission here on this
      > plane and that he also prepared each and every one of us for this
      > next step. He taught us that our dependency must be on the Inner
      > Master as the physical body is limited—yet always keeping a
      > balance between both worlds. His work continues with each of us
      > on the Inner just as before, along with the Love, Guidance and
      > Protection of the Inner Master.
      > All throughout time there has been a Living Master in this unbroken
      > line of Ancient Masters. It is stated in the writings that the Living
      > Master is the only one who appoints his successor and that he never
      > speaks of whom his successor will be until the appropriate time. It
      > is then that he will pass the Rod of Power to his successor at midnight
      > on October 22nd. One can delve into the writings and find more
      > information, but ultimately we must go to the Temple Within to find
      > all of our answers.
      > With regard to the outer ATOM works, Darwin's Living Trust provides
      > that his writings, music and unpublished works shall be held in trust
      > to carry on his memory and life's work as well as his predecessor's,
      > Sri Paul Twitchell. The Teachings will continue to be made available
      > to those who are interested in this most direct path to God and we will
      > keep everyone apprised of any developments.
      > Plans that were underway for the ATOM, including outer events, will
      > continue to unfold for the good of the whole. Beginning next month,
      > the ATOM Post will be physically mailed to those who do not have
      > access to the Internet. Until the next Post, we'll close with a song
      > written by Darwin, "We Never Say Good-bye":
      > We never say good-bye,
      > Just so long.
      > We'll see you next time
      > Some place, somewhere.
      > However not so long,
      > For we're always with you in the dream state,
      > Always with you wherever you may be…
      > Til we meet once more,
      > Whether it's on the street
      > or heaven's door,
      > I'll be with you
      > Forever more.
      > May the Blessings Be!
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