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3238Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: EK Outer Teachings Then & Now

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Mar 18 10:58 PM
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         Thanks for the clairfication. I got it wrong about the dates
      for the transition from Darwin to Harold. 1981, not 1982. It's
      not the first time I made that same typo.


         I can get a little better angle on where you were coming
      from with regard to the "Mahanta" & "Living Eck Master"
      positions. I just finished reading through the Darwin Gross
      truth files, which is one place with information about the
      corporate history - then vs. now (relatively speaking).

         Personally, I don't know what to make of it all. Especially
      since I wasn't a member at the time and are having to look
      at different accounts from different sources - not all of which
      agree. I can make sense of parts of it, but not all.

         The most pivotal issue, however, appears to revolve around
      who or what is the "mahanta". Who or what is "the living eck
      master". On a corporate level I imagine the latter could be as
      some form of CEO. And in the past it does seem as though
      the spiritual leader and the president of Eckankar were two
      different positions held by two different people at times, and
      at other times by the same person. From what I read on the
      D.G.T.F. site it would seem that Peter S. is the president of
      all three corporations (Nevada, California & Minnesota). That
      he was at one time, at least. I can't say for sure that I know it
      to be the case now, but it looks reasonable to assume that it
      may still possibly be the case. The argument between what
      seemed to have taken place between Darwin & Harold was
      more than "President" & "CEO" though. There was also the
      "mahanta" thing going on, it would seem. As if that position
      had some authority to it - albeit in the form of an ex-L.E.M
      in the form of Darwin Gross. This is an impression of it that
      I get, at least.

         There isn't the problem now with a "mahanta" or a "L.E.M."
      in the form of two different people and/or positions (at least,
      with the official organization structure because Harold Klemp
      shares both of the titles). However, the fact that it did appear
      to present a major issue in the past is something curious to
      me. Even moreso looking at the position Darwin himself has
      held for years subsequent to 1981 & 1983 in his comments.

         The idea about Darwin being the "Mahanta" and Harold as
      some form of "Mahanta's apprentice" in training going by the
      title of "Living Eck Master" is a real duzy, IMO. It calls atten-
      tion to itself though, as something for study the way I see it.
      At least, for a person like myself with curiosity about what is
      the "history" of words and their different meanings over time.
      How did they come to be that way, etc.

         It might seem like a mute point in my writings now, but
      try and remember it was a major focus of mine well over a
      decade ago and shortly after I got my first computer. The
      research and study of words and their history, it might not
      show as much to others who don't know the amount of time
      I spent doing this. Most of it took place before I came on to
      bulletin board discussion groups. However, it's probably a
      lot more important to me - the literal definition for a word -
      than it might be for most. Especially words that claim to
      have ancient roots. Not that I always make an issue over
      every word, but I simply choose not to "go there" most of
      the time.

         I think a lot of people get their definitions and meanings
      for words like the characters in the movie Matrix. People
      connected to technology and living in a virtual reality while
      their real bodies are asleep in cells serving like sources
      of power for others. Sources of power who are unable to
      challenge the agents holding them prisoner unless they
      should first come awake to the "real" world. After that -
      after being liberated from dream-sleep - they can then
      enter into the Matrix knowingly, even prepared, to meet
      their captives on the same level and defeat them at their
      own game. Ironically, by the use of the same technology
      that once held them captive and spell bound.

         In my opinion :)(:





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