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3236Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Outer Teachings Then & Now

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Mar 18, 2008
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         The thing about Darwin Gross is that he did name Harold
      Klemp as Living Eck Master in 1982 which, IMO, the same
      as handing over control of "Eckankar" to someone else. He
      talked with Harold about doing this even a year before.

         So, historically speaking, it looks like Darwin Gross was
      the only LIVING Eck Master in our lifetimes to pass on the
      leadership of Eckankar to a successor.

         I don't know how Darwin could have retained any position
      higher than "spiritual leader" after he knowingly relinquished
      it. As for the position of President and/or any other position
      in the upper management subject to approval by a board or
      a majority vote, it would seem that the majority sided with
      the Living Eck Master. How could they - according to the
      teachings - do otherwise?

         I don't know what the corporate structure was at the time,
      but it might be an interesting question whether or not there
      were definitions for the position of a Mahanta vs. Living Eck
      Master. I think that was the argument of some people. That
      although Harold became the L.E.M. that Darwin might have
      still been the Mahanta.

         Suppose Darwin did go by the title of Mahanta, the Living
      Eck Master and he handed over the Living Eck Master part
      to someone else. Does he keep the Mahanta part?

         From the tape that I was familiar with, Harold was not
      announced by the word Mahanta. That was apparently
      added some years later. Like, I think it was subsequent
      to Darwin's removal.

         An interesting trivia question might be, Where did the
      "Mahanta" part of the title go during the time between it
      leaving Darwin and finding a place with Harold?

         On second thought, I don't think I want to "go there".
      Or, do I :)


      P.S. With regard to Darwin's affiliation with the title of
      "Mahanta", I'm trying to recall what Doug Marman put
      in his books - about a use of the term from about 1973
      onward (in regard to Darwin).



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