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3205Re: ECK Masters Get Face Lifts!

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 1, 2008
      Hello All,
      Klemp, also, is Not Immune to Past Life Hard-Wired
      DNA (Karmic) Effects. This is Why he uses an older
      "official photo" to appear younger looking. Time,
      Gravity, and DNA are having its effects upon HK's
      health and appearance! Yet, there are supposedly
      ECK Masters who still have physical bodies and
      these beings look younger and healthier than their
      boss... the Mahanta! Why? Because these ECK Masters
      are fictional characters (created by PT) and Klemp
      is powerless!

      ECKANKAR is a scam religion full of half-truths
      and of afterlife promises like all religions are!
      One has to be very weak and insecure to need any
      religion and to become a follower of other men!

      Become your own leader of your own spiritual
      universe as you live and learn your own private
      lessons to understanding Soul and All That Is.


      Re: HK: "Past Life effects" are "Hard-Wired" into DNA

      [Message #3098]

      In Klemp's "Abbie's" story (12/2007 EK Mystic World,
      pgs. 1-2) Guru Harry's new borrowed opinion is that
      The Negative "Effects" (Karma) of "Past Lives" are "Hard-
      Wired" into one's "Genetic Code" (DNA). It's interesting,
      too, that Klemp never mentions the terms Negative or
      Karma, or How this works and How it can be eradicated.
      Klemp's story is that a long time ago in another past life
      Abbie worked as an assistant to the village medical guru

      Klemp's analysis is that Abbie was lazy, selfish,
      and vain and states she was, therefore, under the
      affects of the Mental Passions (The Passions of the Mind).
      Anyway, Abbie took shortcuts when making up potions
      for the local healer and these supposedly affected the
      health of the villagers treated by the local "medical guru."
      HK states these "effects" (karma) affect her now via "hard-
      wiring" onto her DNA which causes her poor health today
      even though she "imagined" these Mental Passions were
      long gone. "Abbie" must be a H.I.!

      I wonder why the "medical guru" didn't check the potions?
      This was just a small village. Doesn't the Guru have a
      responsibility? Not in Klemp's world!

      It seems that the negative choices and attitudes of
      people made and demonstrated in Past Lives from
      even "a long time ago" CARRIED OVER to become the
      Karmic "effects" which "are Hard-Wired into... Genetic
      Code" (DNA) today!

      But, what about the Positive Mental Virtures? What
      is the result of these "effects?" Consciousness? Klemp's
      focus is on the the Negative it seems. If Klemp is the
      HOLDING TANK FOR KARMA Why do ECK H.I.s get cancer?
      Is finding Eckankar a positive? Why then the other negatives
      of poor health. Why can't the Mahanta HEAL like Jesus?

      Also, ECKists can now see a Negative Impact from
      using their "imagination." But, why have ECKists been
      encouraged to use their "imaginations" without discrimination?
      What about those "MENTAL PASSIONS that she (Abbie)
      IMAGINED were long gone?"

      Klemp even mentions Rebazar in his "Abbie"
      story. RT gives her some "insight" into a "past life"
      so that she can address her "old shortcomings" and
      "remodel herself" with the aid of "health practitioners."
      Nice, as to how Klemp threw Rebazar in for good measure.
      BTW- "Abbie" came up with this insight: "Soul can Turn
      Over a New Leaf, even IF The Body is Permanently Wired."
      This "Turning Over a New LEAF" sounds familiar and is
      something a H.I. would say. BUT, Why does any Soul
      need a Mahanta when it can come up with It's own
      insights. After all, RT is imaginary!

      Klemp then does a hard-sell about Vahana Teams,
      speaking at the EWS, and SERVING out of love, and
      Not Selfishness... "And so she is helping herself too."

      Klemp should know about the negative "effects"
      of selfishness. He just needs to look into a mirror!
      Except, HK can't recognize his own true image! Perhaps,
      it would be too much reality for him and an "unnerving
      insight" for this unbalanced narcissist!

      Okay, let's get back to this HARD-WIRED DNA
      thing with the Negative Effects of Bad Choices
      from Past Lives of Long Ago.

      I guess that Klemp had to come up with something
      to explain away the fact that ECKists have the same
      ills as everyone else, but Why do they? Don't ECKists
      have the "protection" and "healing" powers of their LEM/
      Mahanta to rely upon?! How does the DNA thing work
      with Selfishness, or when one was a different race
      when the Karma (that "effected" DNA) occurred?

      And, isn't it these DNA "effects" that prevents us from
      living Forever... like with Rebazar! Klemp can't even

      Also, just look at every Past Life. Isn't that a lot of
      Negative Encoding onto DNA. Where does Soul fit into
      this equation? How is it that Soul, also, takes on the
      physical, emotional, and mental characteristics and
      inherited diseases (karma) of family members? Isn't Soul
      an Individual Spark? Klemp is saying this "nature" (DNA)
      is a Hard-Wired result of "nurture" (effect) that is
      accumulated in Past Lives and derived via negative
      choices or attitudes, but does Not look at a family's DNA.

      And, how can the kind of "health practitioner" that Klemp
      suggests using ever cure a person of cancer, diabetes, or
      of Bi-Polar disorder? HK tried to get his (late) older brother
      to go to Mexico for Latril treatments for his cancer back in
      the early 1980s. And, Klemp wouldn't even accept the help
      from the psychiatrist at the Mental Institution he was sent to
      in 1970. Instead, he claims to have "played the game" to be

      So, are Klemp's Shortcomings from a Past Life or from this
      one? Maybe it's a combination with some Family Karma thrown
      in for good measure!

      BTW- Here are some Internet Sites where I found info on
      Karma & DNA. It looks like Klemp has been doing some
      Internet surfing too!

      Could this Kryon guy be PT? He signs off "And so it is."

      This is what ECKists need: Pure Insight and Spiritual Freedom!

      Once again, why doesn't Klemp mention Karma instead
      of "effects?"


      Maybe HK could contact the "Eradicator" in Toronto
      to help him with his EMF problem & for Geopathic Stress
      Relief & DNA Testing.

      Here's one that can Remove Your Karmic "Hardwired"
      (DNA) Contract for only $100! What does Klemp offer?
      I guess it doesn't work too well for the Mahanta's H.I.s!


      Wow! This one has "DNA Activation" for only $25! And,
      it works over the phone! How does Eckankar's work?

      This site gives info on DNA/Chakra (Third Eye)
      Activation to prepare for the "2012-2017 Ascension Wave!"

      Basically, Klemp sounds like every other New Age Guru!
      This is, also, Why his teachings sound so familiar and
      Why EK fits in so well at Psychic Fairs, Body, Mind, and
      Spirit Expos, Whole Life Expos, etc.

      Just Pay the Conmen the Money and they will sell you
      via your "imagination" what you desire... just like Klemp!


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > With Klemp "Change is Change ($)." This is The
      > "Why" for all of the new edits, updates and revisions
      > (i.e. Workbook for Masters 4 Discourse, etc., etc.)
      > as well as the other repackaging... like with these
      > photos. And, there's always a twist to make the
      > revisions "appear" refreshed and better!
      > Prometheus
      > prometheus_wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Etznab and All,
      > > Well, since Sudar Singh is really KIRPAL SINGH
      > > this is probably Why Klemp doesn't want a
      > > portrait of him. It would only open-up a can
      > > of worms that would be too difficult to explain
      > > and would have (some) ECKists asking too many
      > > questions!
      > >
      > > However, if ECKists really want to look at the
      > > picture of Twitchell's "actual" former Master,
      > > Kirpal Singh, they could probably just GOOGLE
      > > his name.
      > >
      > > Also, if ECKists go to the ECKANKAR.org site
      > > and READ ALL of the Twitchell information that
      > > Klemp provides they could do a count of the
      > > number of times that "Sudar Singh" is mentioned
      > > and compare that to the number of times "Kirpal
      > > Singh" is mentioned.
      > >
      > > ALL TOTAL: I think I counted 15 TIMES that KLEMP
      > > mentioned KIRPAL Singh's name, 3 times HK
      > > mentioned SUDAR Singh's name, and once for
      > > Sundar Singh's name.
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > >
      > > etznab wrote:
      > >
      > > Prometheus,
      > >
      > > Im curious, is there a picture of Sudar Singh?
      > >
      > I didn't see his picture on the new illustrated Eckankar
      > display items. Maybe it's there somewhere, but I missed it.
      > >
      > > Etznab
      > >
      > > ****************************************************
      > > Prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > There are "New Color Portraits of Six ECK Masters"
      > > for sale! I recently saw a "New From ECK" listing for
      > > EK Materials that Klemp wants ECKists and EK Centers
      > > to purchase ($$$).
      > >
      > > ECKists should ask themselves WHY the "New" color
      > > portraits? Well, anything "old" that is updated brings
      > > in "new" money! Eckankar is always finding new ways
      > > to pull money in from the chelas. The "new portraits"
      > > will mean that the "old" ones will need to be replaced.
      > > ECK Centers will spend ECKists' donated money to do
      > > these updates.
      > >
      > > Why was it necessary to touch-up these portraits?
      > > Why have the ECK Masters' appearances changed?
      > >
      > > These EK Masters are fictional characters...
      > > they aren't real... they're imaginary! This is WHY
      > > their images (portraits) can get a face lift to look
      > > younger and more attractive!
      > >
      > > Really, when one compares the old drawings of
      > > Kata Daki, Rami Nuri, and Yaubl Sacabi to these
      > > "new portraits" they NOW look Younger and Much
      > > More Attractive (and vibrant)! Maybe an ESC staffer
      > > used a function that reversed aging on a computer
      > > program and then had an artist air brushed it in,
      > > or maybe these "new (face lift) color portraits" were
      > > all done on a computer!
      > >
      > > Anyway, Shams looks kind of different and with a
      > > strange looking hat (looks too big) pulled way down
      > > and has his hair pulled back. Towart Mangagi looks
      > > about the same... slight touch up... maybe a bit younger
      > > and more vibrant with just a bit more "glow" (Aura).
      > > Rami Nuri seems to have a lot of "glow" too... both
      > > seem to have more "glow" than Klemp does! All seem
      > > to look more vibrant than Klemp... the boss/man.
      > >
      > > Klemp's "new color portrait" isn't really new. It's the
      > > same older "official photo" that is on the Wisdom Notes,
      > > but touched-up (slightly). Therefore, the older photo
      > > shows HK looking younger than he actually looks today!
      > >
      > > Also, If one compares the two, the "official photo" and
      > > the "new portrait," one will see that the "new portrait"
      > > is touched-up and lightened to show a glow (Aura)
      > > around him (is this a "visual aid" for ECKists?). HK's dark
      > > blue suit in the "official photo" is now a "lighter" blue in
      > > the "new portrait" due to an air brushing effect.
      > >
      > > Just look for the same suit and tie! Whether HK's smiling
      > > or not... all of these "official photos" were taken at the
      > > same photo shoot and several years ago.
      > >
      > > So, what does it all mean? It means that Eckankar is
      > > using the illusion of appearance (youth & beauty), as
      > > well as, Vanity in order to attract people to these fictional
      > > ECK Masters. The ECK Masters are supposed to be timeless,
      > > but isn't everyone, as Soul, timeless too!
      > >
      > > This is just a promotional (KAL) technique to increase
      > > revenue. It also creates an deceptive illusion. The ECK
      > > Masters NOW look younger and more attractive for younger
      > > ECKists and for the public. Older ECKists are given newer
      > > hopes, promises, and visual impressions (illusion) of a
      > > youthful and timeless existence AFTER this one has ended!
      > >
      > > The touch-up of these portraits is a KAL trick! However,
      > > If the affects of aging can be reversed naturally by these
      > > ECK Masters then Why hasn't Klemp done it for himself?!
      > > Can't HK (the Mahanta) overcome time and gravity?
      > >
      > > This is just more proof that these ECK Masters don't
      > > exist... they're imaginary! And, it also shows Klemp's
      > > dishonesty in playing these visual tricks upon chelas!
      > > Klemp is a scammer and a trickster, a Black Magician,
      > > and an agent for the KAL. His light is out... this is
      > > why he needs an artist to give his own image a fake glow!
      > >
      > > So ECKists should keep buying EK Materials and spending
      > > their hard-earned money to go to and stay at EK Seminars.
      > > Just hang in there for that next initiation (One is promised
      > > at death too!) and spend more money... after all, you can't
      > > take it with you! And, thus, there's no need to leave anything
      > > to family members when you can donate it all to Eckankar...
      > > again!
      > >
      > > Doesn't ECKANKAR look and sound more and more like
      > > all of the other religions and scams out there in the land
      > > of Maya (illusion)... it should because it is! The approach
      > > is just slightly different and that's why there are so many
      > > different religions and scams happening! Soul is Its own
      > > Master... Soul just need the experiences... and freedom to
      > > Be... without the limiting religious dogmas and man-made
      > > hierarchies! See, Know, and Be your own Master Soul.. Now!
      > >
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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