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319Re: Klemp Distorts the Steps to God Realization

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 2, 2005
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      Hi Liz,

      Yes I believe that her name was An(it)ya Foos. Remember that book of
      Paul's "Anitya, Coins of Gold?" Now, that was real crap!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Greg and Liz
      <whitefeatherliz@y...> wrote:
      > Tom Flamma spoke here in our wee town in MI I believe it was in
      1971. He spoke at our community college, and so impressed my mother
      with his visions and claims of knowing her in a past life, also
      listing off some of her "important, higher than thou" past lives.
      I believe it was Anya Foos (sp?) that spoke with Tom at the talk.
      I was just 11 at the time so I wasn't in attendance, but would have
      been completely mesmerized if given the chance.

      > Anyway, Did you know he was nearly blind? I thought that was
      interesting at the time, and was impressed that he may not have had
      very good outer sight but excellent inner sight (what a load of

      > I also heard that he left eckankrap before he died, but I could be
      wrong.... maybe the reason Klump deep sixed the book? Or maybe it
      was because he didn't like the fact Tom had more "Master type"
      experiences and was far more knowledgeable than him!!!!!
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