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3173Re: Disappearing into the black hole of Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 18, 2008
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      Hi Mish and All,
      It looks as though JOAN's job of being the editor
      of the ECKANKAR JOURNAL, at the ESC, put her in
      close touch with one chela (HK) doing the printing
      of text and photos for that little known pub.

      It seems that both Harold and Joan knew how to
      play the game and position themselves on the
      ground floor of the Eckankar pyramid scheme
      (hierarchy) for promotion.

      Yet, after all of these years they've only become
      more and more deluded with their quirky religion
      and in playing the (imaginary) game of "as if" better
      than anyone else in the org.

      For them the ego of self is immersed with having
      others to need, respect, fear, love, and admire them.
      HK and JK need people to believe in them with a
      'LEAP of FAITH,' and to donate their hard earned
      time and money (service) in order to buy and secure
      unattainable promises except via the imagination.
      The multi-level EK initiation scam is the method
      by which they keep people attached and hanging on.
      Klemp uses the Catch-22 method to explain away
      his, and Twitchell's, contradictions and mistakes
      as well as other flaws in the EK Religious Dogma.

      EXAMPLE: Everything presented to you is from a different
      "level of consciousness" and fits the moment or topic and,
      therefore, does not necessarily apply to what has been stated
      before. This is an example of a paradox because God (Sugmad)
      cannot ever be fully understood. This is, also, why the chela
      (Soul) must trust in and needs the Mahanta to explain these
      ancient Truths and lessons and to guide and protect them
      on their journey Home. SEE! This is the way the B.S. works!
      You just have to be needy, lonely, fearful, a misfit, etc. and
      believe in it strong enough and the mind will do the rest!

      More Later...


      mish wrote:
      "Disappearing into the black hole of Eckankar"
      is how one former friend of Joan Cross described
      how she left her husband at Clemson University
      for the teachings of eckankar.
      Click on the link below for the complete essay,
      but I have copied the portion that mentions the
      writer's friends Robert and Joan Cross and Joan's
      sudden bolt from her husband to join the eckankar
      cult in California in the late 1970s.
      BTW, the writer is Sterling "Skip" Eisiminger,
      a professor emeritus of English and Humanities
      at Clemson University, teaching there since 1968.
      and the excerpt:
      [#66]. . . I wouldn't call cults a main dish on the
      church picnic table, but I did pick at one dish when
      a friend disappeared into the black hole of Eckankar.

      When I came to Clemson, I was assigned to Professor
      Bob Cross for mentoring. Bob and I hit it off from the
      start, but what fascinated me most about Bob was the
      relationship he had with his wife. The two were inseparable.

      Fortunately, there were no children, for a Cross child
      would have found the competition stiff for parental love.
      At work, they asked for and received one office with facing

      At home, they read science fiction and took long walks
      together with their poodle.

      Perhaps I missed the warning signs, but Bob missed
      them as well, for we were both stunned when Joan
      announced, "Earth is the hell for all planets circling
      Alpha Centauri."

      She, for one, was moving to California to have her
      astral shoes "resouled" as the new editor of the Eckankar
      Journal. In her spare time, she and her fellow Eckankar
      disciples planned to travel to various planes of the Sugmad
      and serve their Eck master.
      In 1997, some twenty years later when I read of the
      thirty-nine Heaven's Gate suicides, I scanned the list
      of the deceased fully expecting to find Joan's name
      among those tailing the Hale-Bopp comet.

      Fortunately, Joan's name was not among the missing.
      About the only cult that impresses me now is the
      Frisbeeterian, not to be confused with the Presleyterian,
      which is interesting to me only in an academic, pop culture
      sort of way.

      The former faction believes that when someone dies,
      the soul goes up on a roof, and no one can retrieve it.

      It makes as much sense as leaving a devoted husband
      for the unexplored Sugmad. . . .
      (Joan later became HK's 2nd wife after he dumped Marge, his 1st.)
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