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3137Questions for the Master #1 - Jan. 2008

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 4, 2008
      This question is from an EK Youth in
      "The Letter of Light." An EK Youth can be
      as old as 25! Why the arrested development?
      Why not an EK Youth until 21 years old?

      Q: "How do you keep your light bright and
      not let it be dulled by others?

      How do you stay above everything that is
      bringing you down?

      And if you are down, how do you go back
      up again? --Bright Light"

      ME: Klemp now strokes the ego of this ECKist
      by making her feel special. It's actually cruel
      to B.S. someone like this who hangs onto H.K.'s
      every word "as if" it's holy gospel.

      Answer (by H.K.):

      "Dear Bright Light, Just an ASIDE on why the
      inner Master at one time called you 'Bright Light.'
      In a not-so-long-ago Past Life, you were a
      holy woman in a Native American tribe. This
      was in the upper Midwest. Today, even your
      family name HARKS back to those times, in
      which you were very happy."

      ME: HK's not quite the writer PT was is he? LOL!
      But, Mr. Klemp, can't you be more precise
      and name the Tribe and the Years of that past
      life!? If you're going to lie then do a better job,
      or if you're going to be a Mahanta then do
      a better job! Dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s already!

      Besides, what difference does a Present Life
      Family Name mean to Soul who has been other
      races and different genders with a multitude
      of "family" names in the past?! Klemp slipped
      up on that one! BTW- stop living in the past
      and exaggerating Harry!

      H.K.: "How do I keep my light bright?
      THE ECK, the HOLY SPIRIT. This is an important

      ME: Klemp's Light is Out and has been for a
      long time! What a liar! Is H.K. saying that ECKists
      don't need the Mahanta and to just lock your "attention
      upon the ECK, the HOLY SPIRIT?!"

      H.K.: "Actually, THE ECK MASTERS ARE THE ECK, and
      they unfolded into Mastership by practicing this
      very discipline WHILE STILL CHELAS OF THEIR OWN

      ME: Now this is a Catch-22! Since ECK Masters "are
      the ECK" then why lock your attention upon yourself
      (the ECK)? Or, upon one another! That's narcissistic
      and weird! So, Klemp and these other ECK Masters
      are the HOLY SPIRIT... delusional! Besides, Klemp is
      the only so called "ECK Master" Eckankar can prove

      Also, since when were there multiple ECK Masters the
      same as the ECK! I thought the LEM/Mahanta was the
      only "Master" to be declared as "ONE" with the ECK?!

      Now, if one looks at the "spiritual hierarchy" definition
      in the Eckankar LexiCon one sees that after SUGMAD
      the ECK is listed. Therefore, Klemp is saying multiple
      "ECK Masters are the ECK" and are as High as he is
      [the LEM/Mahanta] in Eckankar's Spiritual Hierarchy!

      Also, Klemp states something else I saw interesting.

      Isn't it true that only chelas coming into Eckankar on
      and after OCTOBER 22, 1981 are Klemp's?! Yes! Good
      for them!

      Most long-time High Level EK chelas are Twitchell's or
      Gross'! Are they in charge as to who becomes an ECK
      Master? We have only Klemp's word that Darwin was
      kicked out of the Order of Vairagi ECK Masters! I think
      Klemp lied... he didn't know! RT told me Darwin was still
      a High member of the Order!

      The Truth is (for ECKists) that Soul Does Not need an
      intercessor for SUGMAD or the ECK, especially, after 30
      plus years as a student/chela. If a Soul still needs a "master"
      to follow around then It certainly hasn't learned much or
      is capable of learning much! And, some are very needful
      of the social element.


      p.s. The rest of Harry's comments aren't worth the time
      to mention here. It's more insignificant B.S.!