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3133A matter of faith.

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  • abunjoroge
    Feb 2, 2008
      Eckankar owes its origin largely to Surat Shabd Yoga. I am
      familiar with its teachings. It is the Yoga of the Audible Life
      Stream. I know God exists, and I strongly believe that He has
      unlimeted ways of manifesting itself to those who seek him. I also
      believe that if the uninitiated met Anami Purusha, while still
      covered with the dross of this world, they would become mentally
      unbalanced. This is one reason many eastern paths claim when the
      seeker is ready the Guru/Master will appear. I know thier are
      many athiests in the world. That is alright, because God loves all.
      For those that dont believe,be free for choice is one of the
      greatest gifts in life. I have read Julian Johsons book The Path of
      the Masters. I also have read the Shariyat numerous times. I have
      also read the Gita,Koran,the Bible both King James and Catholic
      version. Paul Twitchels unauthorized use of J. Johnsons book, did
      not effect my faith in God,Although it did effect my faith in man.
      Many religions outgrow thier usefulness. In the new Testament Jesus
      once said "The eye is the lamp of the body If thine eye be
      single,Thy whole body shall be full of light. He spoke of the third
      eye that looks within. No minister will touch this verse, because
      they dont understand it. Many times Jesus spoke of himself in the
      third person, as if he spoke of someone else. The bible says flesh
      and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God. Yet many beleive the
      physical body gets resurrected. He never wanted to be worshiped
      either. He simply said follow me. Who am I? Am I Eckist,
      Unitarian,or Gnostic Christian? I am soul.
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