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3120Re: The Scientology video they didn't want you to see!

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  • Elizabeth
    Jan 25, 2008
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      Hi Prometheus and all,
      Actually this was an edited version from what I was told, so we didn't see the catch-words as prevalently as the original. From what I hear, the Scientology Org ordered the original to be removed!  
      They, like Klempankar rule with membership donation money to strong arm.....  I have a few friends surfing the net for on original version...  I suspect it will resemble Klempankar jargon with their own terminology of course. 
      KFC....   LOL, I didn't realize Jerry O'Connell was so funny!   If  I come across any longer versions I'll forward a copy to you privately.  ;-) 
      TGIF     :-))))))
      Before I forget;  I sent the Tom Cruise links for two reasons.  One because of the Scientology spin, and because while reading the resent posts / topic on Mark A from Hu-chat, left wing, right wing BS.  Can't you just visualize Mark in the Mahanta blue turtle neck (rather than the Tom Cruise Black turtle neck) spewing righteous Klempanspeak Org jargon!     
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      Date: 1/25/2008 12:54:42 AM
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: The Scientology video they didn't want you to see!
      Hi Liz and All,
      This was a hoot! Tom did remind me of an ECKist
      except he didn't seem to use as much jargon or
      catch-words like "consciousness." Cruise did mention
      KSW, SP and PTSP or something like that. Jerry OConnell
      used the term KFC!
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