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3063Some EK Tidbits

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 13, 2007
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      "Lotus of the Fiery Light. Crown Chakra; set of Ten Laws
      the seeker of God must understand before going into the
      ANAMI LOK; the golden Light which is Never Manifested;
      the Formless and Silent." [Eckankar Lexicon, pg. 126]

      ME: Isn't it strange that one goes from the Astral "Crown"
      Chakra [pg.39] to the Highest (10th) Plane, Anami Lok,
      where the SUGMAD resides?

      Why does Klemp still teach chelas the lower Tisra Til
      Chakra? Where's the evolution in the ECK teachings
      after 25 years with Klemp?

      And, Why does the SUGMAD reside on the Anami Lok [pg.9],
      or 10th Plane, when Klemp claims he is on a Higher Plane...
      the 14th? Why isn't HK being more responsible to his chelas?
      He should be working for them Not vice versa! That's his job!


      We alone are responsible for our spiritual life, and our
      material beingness. A (real) master will tell you what and
      how to do the right things with the proper techniques,
      but he always leaves the doing to the individual. Since
      Soul is the final step in one's becomingness, then it is up
      to Soul to create its own course of action to the ultimate
      peak of all things, God.

      Nobody can do it for you. If Soul is the effect of something,
      then It must always change this, take the initiative and become
      cause. That and that alone! Soul can always be cause, can
      take care of Itself. Of course, It can be effect, but It must be
      Knowing effect, never unknowing.

      Soul must always look at life this way. Naturally we are the
      effect of the most of life, constantly, but to be effect, unknowingly,
      is a step backwards for Soul's evolution.

      We can say that Spirit is actually that great sound current
      which Soul rides upon in Its return journey to Its true Home.
      However, Soul must be in control of Its own destiny whether
      under the (supposed) protection of a Master or of God. This
      is always true, and of course, Soul is God, ITSELF!

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