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  • steven harrison
    Dec 13, 2007
      Yes i am the same S.P.H. you have seen on the truthseeker.I have read the shariyat many times over the years,No need to review it anymore.In my opinion it all comes down to this.There is a powerfull mysterious force in ,and of the universe.This force has never been described,defined,or understood by anybody,religion,organization,or scripture.The intention of this force(if in fact it has one at all) has never been revealed or understood by anyone,relgion,organization,scriptures,etc,etc.Thats where i stand. The bibles,shariyats,vedas,upanishads,etc, of the world have some good stuff in them but do nothing to reveal the nature of god, nor are they are reliable source of past history.As joseph campbell says"they are poetry,not prose".Not all information in the shariyat is false but that is true of every book, no book is wholely false.Its story of history is false,yes.And yes i am mixed up.But that is besides the point

      etznab@... wrote:

      I don't recall seeing recent posts here at E.S.A. from
      S.P.H. (Is that the same "S.P.H." from Truthseeker?)
      Don't recall that many, that is.

      Is this person currently posting on E.S.A.? Because,
      frankly I think someone is a little mixed up. Whoever is
      alleging that myself and Prometheus are only sharing
      things that we both know to be false. Who is this one,
      and what exactly are they referring to?

      S.P.H., why don't you look at the Shariyat quotes
      (if you are the one who alleges it) and tell me if they
      are false. I would like to hear your opinion.

      SPH wrote:

      ".... And why do etznab and prometheus continue to
      debate information that they know is totally false
      anyway. ...."

      S.P.H. It's a little hard to discern what you meant
      by "information" in that sentence.

      Are you talking about ALL Eckankar information?
      Do you believe it's all false?

      I'm not sure what you meant.


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