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3056ECKists Are Like Other Religious Believers

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 12, 2007
      Hi Liz and All,
      Actually, I still have several friends who are both
      HI and LO ECKists! I have Love and Empathy for them.
      I understand where they are "coming from." We, usually,
      avoid talking about the EK Dogma and HK... mostly.
      [They can't handle the Truth... but that's okay!]

      Sometimes I will ask them: How did the seminar go?;
      How are things going in the local area? They will always
      respond and sometimes tell me about the problems
      they are having (usually with their vahana mission or
      with other ECKists). If anyone has ever read A.R.E.,
      HU-Chat, or Chela-Chat it becomes apparent that
      there are some very nasty card carrying H.I. ECKists
      out there, and they're encouraged and sanctioned by
      the ESC, RESA Hierarchy, and both Klemps!

      Anyway, I'll sometimes give my ECK friends advice,
      words of encouragement, or a positive and different
      approach, insights, or a clearer perspective of their
      situation. They usually seem somewhat surprised
      but are always appreciative that I have been so kind
      and understanding towards them. Actually, my kindness
      is not all that exceptional. They are nice people who
      have just closed or narrowed their minds to that of
      a simplistic and limited perspective required of religious
      "followers" everywhere. Been there, done that, bought
      the tee shirt... literally!

      Over the years the restricted dogmatic view has resulted
      in emotional, mental and spiritual stagnation for almost
      all ECKists! Klemp's "Restrooms Are Unisex" Change is
      Change talk, at the 2007 EWWS, represents the tip of the

      Anyway, my EK friends know I am no longer an ECKist
      and I've told them of Ford Johnson's book "Confessions
      of a God Seeker." Of course, they, and most ECKists would
      never read "Confessions" out of fear of going against their
      Mahanta and a fear of knowing (and acting upon) the Truth.
      They will say, "If it's not broke why fix it?" Yet, it is broke!
      All religions are broke! ECKists are in denial and are afraid
      of losing what little they have. Not to worry though...
      there's so much more realized after Eckankar! Soul is
      finally free of the middleman Mahanta and of all that
      confusing (fake) EK religious dogma, the hierarchy, those
      Guidelines, the Law of Silence, the fake initiations, and the
      Vahana crap! That's a load off your shoulders... believe me!

      ECKists (like other religious believers) will blame
      their selves for not being strong enough to handle
      the karmic/spiritual testing. In other words, they
      experience Guilt and Shame for these shortcomings.
      They see the lack of protection by the Master is due
      to their lack of faith and belief which results in a
      lack of spiritual (higher) consciousness and more
      "outer" initiations.

      Eventually, most ECKists will rationalize (like people
      do) and will tend to believe and imagine that they are
      "higher" on the Inner Planes. ECKists are encouraged
      to use their imaginations freely! This is just a coping
      method (mental medication) that has become a necessary
      part of the ECK belief system under Klemp's 25 year (plus)
      reign. This is, also, why Klemp pushes the use of imagination.
      The Imagination becomes like a drug that ECKists need to
      use daily in order to delude themselves into believing
      the distortions are of a "higher truth/reality." It's another
      case of the blind leading the blind. Eckankar is just another
      made up religion with a shortcut to heaven! There is more
      out there, but it is for the individual Soul to discover as
      It's own Master!


      Elizabeth wrote:

      As for Etznab; we here at ESA consider him a friend!
      Yep he is an eckists.... Strange isn't it that we would
      actually call an eckist friend! ;-)

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