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  • etznab@aol.com
    Dec 11, 2007
      In a message dated 12/10/07 5:26:16 PM Central Standard Time, etznab@... writes:

        It was some years ago that I attempted to plot traditional
      dates and trivia for the four great ages spoken about in the
      past by various cultures.

         I also provided quotes form the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad that
      appeared contradictory.

         Seldom do I provide commentary for the events recorded
      on my timeline, but in this case I made an exception.

         This post is in response to the one by Prometheus about
      the continent of Lemuria in context to the four ages in Hindu

         The commentary to which I refer is appended to
      the Treta Yuga entry for the year 2,163,102 B.C.at:


      (The date is questionable, so I highlight it in purple).

         The commentary and Shariyat quotes appear here:


         This was a page I created years ago to supplement my
      B.C. timeline.

         Looking at the dates, something appears awry (IMO).

         At the same time, I have seen a number of dates for the
      four ages in Hindu tradition. Not to mention, several different
      dates for the history of MU.

         What struck me as peculiar were the two Shariyat quotes
      - separated by only a number of pages - where the dates for
      the destruction of Lemuria appear (to me) to differ by about
      2 million years!

         Even after many years, I'm still trying to figure this one out.


         In The Lost Continent Of Mu, by James Churchward and
      Neville Spearman, Chap. 7,  p. 129 is called:


         I believe this book was published around 1931:
      (some beginning pages are torn out in my copy)


         The first paragraph of that chapter reads:

         I HAVE asserted that the civilization of Mu dates back
      to more than 50,000 years ago. Now let us see on what
      foundation I base such date. [....]

         Does 50,000 sound familiar?

         "[....] These records tell us that the legendary paradise
      of man, thought of as the Garden of Eden, was laid on the
      lost continent of Lemuria which was sunk by earthquakes
      and tidal waves fifty thousand years ago. [....]" [Based on:
      Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad, Book Two, 2nd.
      Edition - 1988, p. 107]

         On p. 57 of The Lost Continent Of Mu, Chap. 3 entitled:
      THE LAND OF MAN'S ADVENT ON EARTH, the first par-
      agraph reads:

      "IN the land of Mu we have unquestionably found where
      man made his advent upon the earth. Various records con-
      clusively prove that this land was the Biblical Garden of
      Eden; [....]"


         The reason for another older date for the destruction of
      Mu comes from the following:

      "[....] The destruction of the kingdom of Lemuria and all
      its colonial empire came about by gas pockets under the  
      crust of the earth some hundreds of thousands of years
      ago. It was a land of the Aryans who spread the empire
      throughout the world. [....]" [Based on: Paul Twitchell,
      The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad, Book Two, seventh printing,  
      1982, p. 97 & eighth printing, 1986, p. 97 ]

         A newer revised version of this section reads:

      "[....] The destruction of the kingdom of Lemuria and all
      its colonial empire came about by gas pockets under the  
      crust of the earth that formed some hundreds of thousands
      of years ago. [....]" [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-
      Ki- Sugmad, Book Two, Second Edition - 1988, p. 112]
         This newer version appears (to me) to be the more correct.
      However, it was millions of years ago (one would think) when
      gas chambers were formed in the Earth - and at the time the
      earth was cooling from molten to solid.
         The oldest rocks on earth date back to between 4 and 5
      billion years ago! During the Archeozoic Era.

         I wonder if, perhaps, Paul Twitchell gathered some of the
      information about Earth history from books that he read. Be-
      cause, obviously, some of this information (about Lemuria),
      "apparently" was in print years before Paul Twitchell wrote
      the Shariyat.

         A problem that could result from basing history on books
      (if indeed that was the case with Paul Twitchell with regard
      to ancient Earth history), as I see it, is that any incorrect
      information in such books would have to be corrected by
      someone else later on. And if the source books contained
      any incorrect, or uncertain information (like if it was based
      on theory, on myth, or legend then it would remain a subject
      for further research and investigation.

         Personally, I don't know about many religions that update
      their history if (and when) new information proves the old to
      be incorrect and/or false. At least, not when new data is so
      very different from the old. In this case it could take - and it
      has - hundreds of years for some religions to accept what is
      closer to being the actual truth. IMO.

         It looks to me that Eckankar did make a correction in the
      right direction, by illustrating that it was "gas pockets under
      the crust of the earth that formed some hundreds of thousands
      of years ago" and not necessarily "The destruction of the king-
      dom of Lemuria" that happened then.

         In spite of that, however, the Treta Yuga appears to have
      begun around 2 million-something years ago. And in another
      place it looks like Lemuria sank before that:

      "[....] The Tretya Yuga, or Silver Age, came after the breakup
      of the previous age, when Lemuria, by earthquakes and tidal
      waves, went down under the seas. [....]"

      [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad, Book
      Two, p. 113, Second Edition - 1988]

         How can Lemuria get destroyed before the Treta Yuga
      and also at around 50,000 years ago? This is a question
      I'm still trying to answer.

         The time span between these two versions, it appears
      to be a difference of over 2 million years!

         Maybe there needs to be a correction here. IMO.


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