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3035Re: HU-Chat "Golden-Tongued Wisdom"

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  • mishmisha9
    Dec 4, 2007
      Hi, Prometheus and All!

      It would be interesting to know the stats on how many
      children of eckists left the org, wouldn't it? It never seemed
      that there were many children in the eck groups I participated
      with, and I don't recall any adult children, beyond the teenage
      years. Perhaps, this difficulty (?) of keeping the offspring of
      eckists in the org is one reason that Harold groups them as
      youth until age 25. His method of keeping their development
      arrested and beyond the rebellious years might be Harold's
      attempt at holding them into the org and preventing the
      potential damage to the membership numbers, as many of these
      youngsters choose not to remain members, including his

      I find it so contradictory that eckist parents whose children have
      dropped out of the org will claim that they have learned so much
      from their children--yet, they don't seem to recognize or
      understand why their children rejected eckankar. A little child
      shall lead them, some say, but not obviously in many of these

      Another thought I have wondered about is, if you were very
      young when joining eckankar and stayed a member for several
      years, how has the org affected these individuals in the long run?
      Just how damaging is such a cult like eckankar to impressionable
      developing young adults. It would seem the concept of being
      the chosen ones, the elite in spiritual matters, could create life
      long damage to the psyche--in that even when one finally learns
      how fraudulent eckankar is from its inception and that the
      initiations are bogus, that some former members might struggle
      for years in letting go of the damaging ego inflation that eckankar
      creates in the minds of its chelas.

      In or out of eckankar, individuals still have to deal with the personal
      feelings and beliefs, some of which is arrogance in believing that
      one is "more knowing" than others--hard to let go of that it seems.
      Former eckists might drop out of eckankar but still want to stay
      up on some sort of pedestal--the appetite for adulation is still
      there. Maybe there should be a weight watchers for inflated fat
      egos??? IMO, until one lets go of the idea that one is better than
      another, one cannot walk humbly among men or have the true
      compassion that is needed in getting along with others.

      It would be interesting to learn what these young people saw
      in eckankar that woke them up and got them out--not an easy
      task to go a separate way from the teachings their parents brought
      them into. It is truly remarkable that Harold's own daughter was
      among those children who rejected eckankar. She must be a very
      strong individual to do that.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > "You learn through your children" HU-Chatters
      > claim. They even discuss those children who
      > left the EK teachings, maybe, due to observations
      > of hypocrisy. However, ECK H.I. parents can learn
      > even more spiritual lessons from their children
      > who reject Eckankar... if they still have somewhat
      > of an open mind! This rejection of Eckankar from
      > these children is truly Golden-Tongued Wisdom
      > and a "Waking Dream!" There are Higher Truths
      > behind their motivations to leave!
      > Klemp's mind is closed and his light is out! Therefore,
      > HK wasn't/isn't able to learn anything from his daughter's
      > rejection of EK. Klemp was/is too focused on his ego
      > driven narcissistic goal of power via becoming the Mahanta
      > (for life?) as stated in Ch.7 of "Soul Travelers of the
      > Far Country." Isn't it interesting that her middle name
      > is Gail. It seems her birth (Oct. 1973) was during the
      > time when HK was beginning to position himself within
      > the ECK hierarchy with Darwin and Gail.
      > Prometheus
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