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3032HU-Chat "Golden-Tongued Wisdom"

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  • prometheus_973
    Dec 2 10:07 AM
      "You learn through your children" HU-Chatters
      claim. They even discuss those children who
      left the EK teachings, maybe, due to observations
      of hypocrisy. However, ECK H.I. parents can learn
      even more spiritual lessons from their children
      who reject Eckankar... if they still have somewhat
      of an open mind! This rejection of Eckankar from
      these children is truly Golden-Tongued Wisdom
      and a "Waking Dream!" There are Higher Truths
      behind their motivations to leave!

      Klemp's mind is closed and his light is out! Therefore,
      HK wasn't/isn't able to learn anything from his daughter's
      rejection of EK. Klemp was/is too focused on his ego
      driven narcissistic goal of power via becoming the Mahanta
      (for life?) as stated in Ch.7 of "Soul Travelers of the
      Far Country." Isn't it interesting that her middle name
      is Gail. It seems her birth (Oct. 1973) was during the
      time when HK was beginning to position himself within
      the ECK hierarchy with Darwin and Gail.

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