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  • mishmisha9
    Dec 1 6:07 AM
      Hi, Tygerpurr!

      Just wanted to tell you the poster Shabdahu who wanted to
      give an award to a post on ET is very disgruntled with ESA, so
      he resonated with the comment about another anti-eckankar
      group-his comment IMO was directed more at ESA than it
      was at your post.

      I'm posting this here rather than on ET because I know it would
      just keep the discussion going over there and probably in
      another direction. I don't care to put myself in another
      endless/going nowhere "debate."

      But I will say your posts and Sharon's are very good and
      appropriate replies to summer.city! Especially, since you are
      only expressing your impressions and beliefs about how
      eckancrap and cult mentality operate--I see nothing wrong
      with stating an opinion. Compassion is a wonderful thing if
      not used to make excuses or give rude individuals a free pass
      to misbehave and abuse others! : )


      This is one of Tygerpurr's post on another group discussion:
      --- In eckankartruth@ yahoogroups. com, "Tian Yue"
      <tianyue@... > wrote:
      >In your stating that "always being nice may not be the best
      approach," you've hit upon the essential point of my reply to you. I
      never said that we should always be nice.

      ###I never said that you said this!####

      There is a big difference between everyday compassion or common
      decency and Eckankar's artificial, affected, exaggerated hype of
      saintly behavior or god-realized "unconditional love."

      You also wrote this in your reply: "I am not a Saint nor do I claim to
      be God or Self Realized and I think it is a mistake for these eckist
      and execkists to think they are or ever will be. IMHO this is a huge
      inflated "Ego" and sometimes a normal argument of sorts is just the
      right medicine."

      ####This is just a general statement not meant for you, Leaf,
      personally. It was just a realization that I had about eckankarp and
      how people are drawn into Cults and many ridiculous religious
      ideologies. It is what keeps people stuck for decades in Frauds and
      Scams. It is Egoism to the extreme. The only way an eckist can truely
      leave ekcankarp is if they learn to make friends with themselves and
      understand that it is ok to be HUMAN, imo.####

      Do you mean to say that because I chose to treat a stranger with some
      understanding that I'm still harboring some eckankar delusion of
      saintliness? And does this mean that anyone who tries to be nice to
      another person is as deluded as a cult member? And ex-eckists who are
      kind once in a while have inflated egos, similar to that which exudes
      from high initiates?

      ####This is obviously not what I said. I don't think you deserve an
      award for this. You are way off base.


      More and more it does seem that "city.summer" 's post was really meant
      to just be an insult. Would not this fall under part of the definition
      of a message board Troll?#####
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