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2941Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: KLEMP Rewrites & Distorts History in TWEM!

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Oct 12, 2007

         Forgive me for rambling. I was basically trying to sort
      legend, from fact, from myth. I know that David, Doug and
      others have spent way more time doing research, but what
      I haven't seen much of in their illustrations is a timeline
      context where all of the dates and the corresponding events
      are spelled out more or less in chronological order. This is
      probably the only thing unique about the way I personaly
      choose to evaluate history. Besides that, the information I
      use is basically the same as what the others have.

         It's not an easy task, I'll say that. Thanks for the findings
      and comments from David Lane, BTW. I agree about much
      of what people have to look at are not "their" writings. They
      are not the ones who wrote it in the first place, however, the
      writings are mostly what they have to work with.

         In my recent posts I was trying to trace back to the begin-
      ing and looking for any connection between what Paul gave
      out as history or legend, with what other paths he knew
      about were familiar with.

         I traced back to 1963 because that is the year when the
      word Eckankar appeared in public and the year when I
      suspect the relationship between Paul Twitchell and Kirpal
      Singh "started" to change. There was a reason I focussed
      on that year - not because I was born near the time when
      those things were happening ( : ) - but because it wasn't
      long afterward (1963) when the names Rebazar Tarzs and
      Sudar Singh started to appear. It has to do with tracing of
      things back to the beginning.

         Paul Twitchell seemed to indicate he first heard about
      Rebazar Tarzs from Sudar Singh. So I tried to trace back
      to when they first met - according to the writings. Let me
      put it another way: I tried to trace the story about when
      they (Paul Twitchell & Sudar Singh) first met. Their are a
      number of different dates and versions recorded.

         1935 appeared to be significant because it was a year
      when Paul & Sudar met and because of the reference to
      Eckankar - the teachings - reappearing then. I gave the
      quote in an earlier post.

         It was confusing, I know, because I was trying to trace
      the beginnings of several different things at once. Initially
      though, it was a search for legends that inspired me to
      start writing those posts in the beginning. I was curious
      whether Kirpal Singh and his group shared any legends
      similar to what are found in Eckankar. The Christopher
      Columbus stuff and others.

         Frankly, the trail seems to begin and end with Sudar
      Singh, as far as the story about Rebazar Tarzs goes.
      The beginning of it, that is (not about Columbus). Here
      is the thing though, it was Sudar Singh that replaced
      the name Kirpal Singh in a lot of the writings that I have
      looked at. And it was Rebazar Tarzs that appeared to
      replace Kirpal Singh in the first letter to Gail in December
      1962 and also in The Tiger's Fang (manuscript of which
      was sent to Kirpal Singh around 1963). So what I saw
      was that the name Kirpal Singh kept popping up in the
      begining (according to what I saw, and what others
      said they saw). In other words, before Sudar Singh
      and Rebazar Tarzs there was Kirpal Singh. That is,
      if you trace the published material back to the beginning
      when Eckankar was first mentioned publicly (1963),
      it was Kirpal Singh that Paul was mentioning, not
      Sudar Singh or Rebazar Tarzs. They appear to come
      mostly afterwards (far as the published record of events).

         What did Kirpal Singh know? That was my initial
      question. Did Kirpal share any stories with Paul?
      I don't know what all he picked up from the Hindu
      teachings, whether Paul only included teachings
      or some of the history, legend and myths too.

         I'm probably gonna go and read the Tiger's Fang
      next (it's been a long time) because it talks about
      planes, and the gods of different planes, which I be-
      lieve is a part of the teachings in other Hindu paths.
      Afterall, Paul Twitchell was sending his Tiger's Fang
      manuscript to Kirpal Singh - and I doubt that Paul
      would have done such a thing if ithese were such
      foreign ideas to Kirpal Singh. Also, I want to look
      at if there is a place in the beginning of that book
      where the physical characteristics of Rebazar
      Tarzs are described. If they are and they do not
      match the features of Kirpal Singh then I have to
      go and determine if these amount to additions, or
      if they were in the original manuscript.

         Basically, I'm trying to follow the information
      back in time to when it started. It's not easy
      and it takes a lot of time and research because
      all I have is the published materials - most of
      which are later editions - and the originals have
      changed over time. All I'm looking at is history
      and are not trying to negate any of the really
      beneficial spiritual/universal principles shared,
      no matter who said it. But the actual history
      is important, IMO, for other reasons and I
      imagine most people would have to agree.
      (To some extent, at least, it does matter to
      sort legend, from myth, from fact as far as
      religions go. It's not all the same - or else
      there wouldn't be three different words and
      ideas describing them, IMO.)

         It's hard to trace back to the beginning when
      one doesn't have the earlier books and manu-
      scripts. That is part of the reason why it's taking
      me so long and why I become disgruntled at times
      too. However, each time I find an original it adds
      something new to the history. IMO.

         Thanks for all of your help :)



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