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2931Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] KLEMP Rewrites & Distorts History in TWEM!

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Oct 11, 2007
         It was not for no reason I mentioned the letter to
      Gail dated July 12th, 1963.

         When was it that Kirpal Singh came to America
      for the second time? Was it 1963? And was that
      also the year when Paul took Gail to meet him, or
      to get initiated? Was it 1963 when Paul Twitchell
      sent his Tiger's Fang manuscript to Kirpal Singh &
      when Paul first mentioned (wrote publicly) about

      "[....] One of the most interesting things that I find about
      this is the timing of when The Far Country was written.  
      According to Paul, he wrote the book shortly after meeting
      Gail, when he moved down to San Francisco, which would
      have been in 1963-1964. This is the same year Paul gave
      his copy of The Tiger's Fang to Kirpal Singh, and introduced
      Gail to Kirpal, which resulted in Gail being initiated by Kirpal.  


      "David [David Lane] begins by referring to an interview
      by Jack Jarvis, on July 9, 1963, called 'Paul Twitchell,
      Man of Parts,' which appears to be the first time that
      Paul mentions the name ECKANKAR."

      [Based on: Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 3]


         It might be interesting to know the exact dates for all of
      these events.

         It has also been pointed out that the names Sudar Singh
      and Rebazar Tarzs didn't start really showing up until 1964.
      However, in the very first letter to Gail appears the name of
      Rebazar Tarzs. This was in December, 1962!

         In spite of this I saw another version of that paragraph that
      did not contain the name Rebazar Tarzs. This is something I
      thought was worth looking at and I asked about the source of
      that version of the text.

         I believe it was illustrated by Michael Turner recently on
      A.R.E. I believe he said it appeared in a publication years

         Here is the A.R.E. post from September 30th entitled:
      Letter to Gail Quote:

      In the recent post by Michael Turner there is
      a quote that looks like the 4th paragraph from
      the first Letter to Gail. It reads:

         This is why I propose to say that my knowledge
      of this is little. I am neither a saint nor holy man,
      but I can only tell you what little I have experienced
      through Kirpal Singh.To him, my personal debt is

         Did this come from David Lane's book? From
      some Sonic Spectrum issue from Sept. 1996?
      Or what? I haven't seen that illustration before
      today. Not that I remember.

         Does anybody know about the history for that
      illustration? I haven't read David's book, and I'm
      not clear on whether it came from there or not.

      (End post) *********

         Interestingly, this is the one and only post on
      that thread to date.

         What an interesting year, 1963.



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