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2927KLEMP Rewrites & Distorts History in TWEM!

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 10, 2007
      Hi Etznab, Mish, Sharon, and All,
      Even though Europe had been undergoing a "Little Ice Age"
      (1300-1850) there was a greater desire for those with Power
      and Money to seek more and even greater riches and power!

      Therefore, Klemp's story of Rebazar and Fubbi influencing
      Columbus on the "Inner" and misdirecting CC and his course
      to India for the Greater Good, "protein" for Europeans, seems
      strange and anti-ECK! This "inner plane" influence was a Lower
      Plane, psychic, or Kal act! It is Not an act of Detachment (Vairag)
      or of Non-attachment.

      I really doubt that most ECKists have thought this out and have
      looked at the implications of this ECK Legend "in fact."

      FIRST, What happened to the Law of Non-interference? Why
      is the "Inner" manipulation/mind-control by others (REBAZAR
      & FUBBI) who are either real or ficticious seen as okay by Klemp?

      SECOND, due to the "Little Ice Age," in Europe, the closest source
      of other grains (sources of protein for both humans and livestock)
      Unaffected By The Cold are the countries to the South which have
      been (for centuries) a source of trade.

      THIRD, Europe had more sources of protein grains than the
      Americas. And, Europe had domesticated animals! What Dependable
      sources of protein did the Americas have except for Corn? None!
      They didn't have domesticated animals (until the Europeans brought
      their own) and meat is the best source of protein! Therefore, the
      native people could not depend on hunting enough meat! This
      is why the countries that have the best sources of protein (grains,
      domesticated animals for meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc.) have more
      advanced civilizations. The body and mind need protein.

      FOURTH, due to the discovery by Columbus (and Rebazar & Fubbi)
      others followed and TOBACCO was, also, brought back to Europe.

      FIFTH, What happened to the indigenous people that Columbus,
      and those who came after him, came in contact with? They were
      murdered, raped, died from diseases, and enslaved due to the
      search for Gold and Silver! Rebazar and Fubbi are responsible for
      this! I wonder what the Central & South American ECK Chelas think
      about this Columbus-Rebazar-Fubbi Story?

      SIXTH, WHY are ECK Masters concerned with the Greater "Good,"
      or health, of these Europeans over others throughout history?
      Maybe Klemp can point out some other humantarian aid that
      the ECK Masters have given Without Consent (via the INNER) to
      other groups of people, or for the Good of the Whole...
      and Civilization.

      BTW - On Amazon.com one can look at the index of
      "The LITTLE ICE AGE: How Climate Made History 1300-1850"
      by Brian Fagan.


      Mish wrote:
      > HI, Etznab and All!
      > I didn't see the PBS show on Columbus, but in my studies of history
      > and of Columbus, I understand that Columbus was commissioned to
      > search for a water route to the East, for safer access to the treasures
      > there, rather than going the dangerous land way. Gold was one of the
      > riches being sought as well as spices and other desired things in
      > Europe--however, never did I learn or hear that Europe was in need
      > of protein!!! LOL! It amazes me that Klemp "dreamed" that idea up,
      > but maybe he just tests from time to time to see how gullible his
      > chelas are. I mean Klemp can't survive with too many smart people
      > under his command--so, making up dumb stories, seems to just
      > attract the extremely gullible, delusional and easily manipulated
      > kinds of people that Klemp likes best! Believing the story about
      > Fubbi and Rebazar assisting Columbu
      s just indicates that if one
      > can believe that, then the rest of the eckankar crap is also
      > believeable! How else do con men choose their victims, but to see
      > how gullible some people are? If a person is in the same class of
      > people who accepts the words of an authority figure without question
      > then that person is just another gullible person who happens to be
      > in a different group from the other gullible people in the world--but
      > still that person is gullible.
      > Also this minority way of thinking in eckankar might seem novel,
      > but it doesn't mean that eckists are anymore special or enlightened
      > than any other people on this earth. However, such eck stories
      > that distort and erroneously inform, really just highlights how
      > dumb the teachings are and how gullible the chelas are to let it
      > slide by them! : )
      > After joining eckankar one discovers that it can't deliver the promises
      > it makes. The excuse given is that one needs more initiations in order
      > to open and expand one's consciousness. Still this does not work
      > either. This is why eckankar relies upon one's imagination to fulfill
      > one's desires--including the desire to belong to a religion. The problem
      > with this is that the 30 year plus eckists have come full circle, because
      > everyone, including non-eckists, have imaginations and are no less
      > spiritually advanced than these high inititates. So it all comes down
      > to imagination and delusion, and this is how eckankar works for
      > some people!
      > Mish
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, etznab@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Mish,
      > >
      > > There was a story about Columbus discovering America on PBS,
      > > Channel 9 recently. I didn't get time to watch it, but I heard that the
      > > voyage did have something to do with one mineral in particular -
      > > GOLD!
      > >
      > > Etznab
      > >
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