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2909Re: Don Ginn - The Next LEM?

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 2, 2007
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      Hi All,
      Yes, it seems that Don might be the next LEM while
      Klemp remains the "full" Mahanta. Of course there is,
      still, the possibility that Joan is made the Co-LEM
      (since a female could only share this position, due to
      "their" negative atoms).

      As a "junior" and/or Co-LEM (under the guidance &
      supervision of the "full" LEM/Mahanta) Joan could take
      over, even more, duties for her husband at the ESC.

      Or, Don can be given these duties as a "junior" LEM while
      Joan continues her role at the ESC while spying on Don
      for HK!

      Anyway, it's a win/win for them right!

      I wonder... Would Joan be able to take orders from Don,
      or will she, only, be obeying the Living ECK... Mahanta
      like Marge?


      > mish wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > Hi, Liz!
      > >
      > It seems this attorney was thinking outside of the box! : ) When we
      > close ourselves off from the outside world by joining a cult like
      > eckankar, we box ourselves into a small isolated tunnel like place and
      > can forget the basic things in life like "your family comes first."
      > >
      > Mish
      > >
      > Liz wrote:
      > > >
      > Hi Mish and all,
      > > >
      > I am surprised too that eckankar doesn't go into further detail, explaining
      > how a will should be written so family members can not contest such a
      > donation. (or do they?)
      > > >
      > When I was still a member, my DH and I had wills drawn up through an
      > attorney I use for family issues. I questioned how a portion could be left
      > to my church. My attorney gave me a funny look and said "your family should
      > always come first"! We had an interesting conversation, and in the end I
      > didn't leave anything to eckankar. ;-) All it takes is discussing
      > something of this nature with an outsider, and they tend to have a much
      > better way of putting the important things into perspective.
      > Liz
      > ---------------------------------------------------------
      > Mish wrote:
      > > >
      > Here's the exact statement posted by Bob Hepple on the
      > California Satsang Society Chela News & Events publication
      > regarding raising money for their building fund:
      > > >
      > "How can I donate? There are many ways that you can donate.
      > Enclosed is an envelope and donation form that will allow
      > you to receive a tax receipt for your check or credit card
      > donation. Also enclosed are two brochures, published by
      > ECKANKAR Spiritual Center, that explain how to bequeath
      > the California Satsang Society in your will or living trust,
      > or make the Society a beneficiary of your retirement,
      > pension plan, or life insurance policy."
      > > >
      > This very plainly states how such cult groups like eckankar go
      > after members' money.
      > <snip>
      > Another disturbing thing is how blatantly eckankar goes after
      > members money including pensions, life insurance and other
      > money that most people bequeath to surviving family members.
      > This shows how callous eckankar is regarding family structure
      > and well-being. Eckankar breaks down family ties in order to
      > get the family money! But of course that is what all cults are
      > after--bleeding chelas dry but making them imagine they are
      > getting something in the bargain, a stairway to heaven, perhaps!
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