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2902Re: Don Ginn - The Next LEM?

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  • mishmisha9
    Oct 1, 2007
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      Don Ginn sounds like the right man for the job, doesn't he?
      He knows how to go after chelas' money and now wonder that
      Klemp likes him!

      Here's the exact statement posted by Bob Hepple on the
      California Satsang Society Chela News & Events publication
      regarding raising money for their building fund:

      "How can I donate? There are many ways that you can donate.
      Enclosed is an envelope and donation form that will allow
      you to receive a tax receipt for your check or credit card
      donation. Also enclosed are two brochures, published by
      ECKANKAR Spiritual Center, that explain how to bequeath
      the California Satsang Society in your will or living trust,
      or make the Society a beneficiary of your retirement,
      pension plan, or life insurance policy."

      This very plainly states how such cult groups like eckankar go
      after members' money. I find it interesting that Don Ginn and
      Bob Hepple are very vague as to what the expense will be for
      this building venture. They do not indicate in anyway what
      such an enterprise will cost, they just say they have to
      see how much money they raise first before they check
      what it will likely cost. Any fund raiser I've been a part of
      always had a minimum goal of what amount of dollars was
      needed. They don't have any property picked out or the
      location--this is purely give them the money first and then
      they will decide how to spend it. Another disturbing thing
      is how blatantly eckankar goes after members money,
      including pensions, life insurance and other money that
      most people bequeath to surviving family members. This
      shows how callous eckankar is regarding family structure
      and well-being. Eckankar breaks down family ties in order
      to get the family money! But of course that is what all cults
      are after--bleeding chelas dry but making them imagine
      they are getting something in the bargain, a stairway to
      heaven, perhaps!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Will Don Ginn be named the LEM at this 2007 EK Worldwide
      > Seminar? Maybe! Word is that Don is moving to Minneapolis.
      > Why else would an 8th initiate and RESA from California be
      > moving to the Minneapolis area! It looks like Ginn will be the
      > new LEM while Klemp remains the Mahanta. This is a win/win
      > for Don because he will receive 50% royalties from all books
      > he writes, a car, a house, good pay, and a great pension and
      > health plan among other perks. Also, Don will still be spending
      > much time in California. Rumor also has it that Mark Alexander
      > will be moving up the ladder, in California, as well.
      > [In 2006 Joan Klemp was to be named the Co-LEM (or FLEM),
      > but Mish revealed Klemp's plan before it could be implemented.]
      > It seems that Eckankar and its Satsang Societies are still looking
      > to get their hands on people's money By Any Means Necessary.
      > Look at what they tell members.
      > http://eck-ca.org/chelas/CSS_chela.html
      > Or, if this doesn't come up just go to the site for Eckankar's
      > California Satsang Society. [use lower case]
      > User ID is: september
      > Password: today
      > Don Ginn and Bob Hepple (a member of Eckankar's International
      > Board of Trustees) tell Chelas that they can donate money via
      > check or credit card and use this as a tax receipt. They also mention
      > that one can bequeath money to Eckankar via Will, living trust, or
      > to make the org a beneficiary of your retirement, pension plan,
      > or life insurance.
      > What happens to one's family when an imbalanced member of EK
      > gives the org his retirement, pension plan, or life insurance? Does
      > Klemp, Ginn, or Hepple care what happens these families?
      > Apparently Not!
      > Prometheus
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