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2891ECKists Can't Comprehend PT's Shariyats

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 28 11:07 AM
      ECKists should reread the last few pages of Chapter 4
      in the Shariyat I. Since all words and thoughts are said
      to be of the 4th Mental Plane Chelas should use these
      reasoning processes to understand what is or is Not
      being communicated in this 1st Section (Earth Plane)
      portion of their Bible (Holy Book).

      Twitchell states that "The highest of all spiritual regions,
      the Kingdom of the Sugmad... is the Anami, the nameless

      Well, I guess that since it's called the "Anami" that the
      "nameless" Does Have A Name! Duh!

      Also, isn't it interesting that this "highest of all spiritual
      regions, the Kingdom of the Sugmad" is the 10th Plane!
      The LEM is a 12th and 13th Plane Initiate. Each EK
      Initiation Number represents the Plane of Consciousness
      that the EK chela's consciousness is established upon (or
      at least the previous number or plane)! This is why initiation
      Numbers are so important to Eckists (whether they admit
      to it or not)!

      This comment, by Twitchell, represents only one of many
      flaws in his Eckankar dogma that he created early on. The
      real reason for the additional Planes (11-14) being "higher"
      than the one Sugmad resides upon (the 10th) is that other
      religions such as Radhasoami and Ruhani Satsang, also,
      mention the Anami Lok. "THE PATH of the MASTERS" contains
      these references and this was PT's main resource book.

      Twit felt compelled to create something greater AFTER he
      had his fall out with Kirpal Singh over his fictionalized "The
      Tiger's Fang" manuscript in 1965-66. PT then edited his
      own writings, but did not correct everything. As the "Mahanta"
      PT could explain away anything and everything since all
      others were below his newly created 14th Plane awareness
      (Catch-22 again!).

      Here's another quote in this Shariyat Chapter 4 of Book One:
      "--the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad--... Each plane has a portion of
      of this holy manuscript, ACCORDING TO THE UNDERSTANDING
      OF THE CHELAS who reach this plane."

      So, who determines what "UNDERSTANDING" is true for the each
      individual CHELA's consciousness? Shouldn't this be Soul?! Nope!
      In the Eckankar religion the one who determines what is true
      or false for the "group consciousness" is the LEM. And, the one
      who determines what is true or false for each individual Soul
      is Not Soul - it is the LEM/Mahanta!

      However, why does Klemp need to explain a 1st or 2nd Plane
      (Kal) "portion" of the Shariyat to Chela's whose consciousness
      is established on Higher Planes? Do ECKists need HK to explain
      everything? At what initiation level are they permitted to stand
      upon their own "spiritual" legs? Afterall, a 3rd Initiate and "Higher"
      should be able to "understand" the Shariyat Book Two!
      However, shouldn't Book One be even easier for Chelas to
      comprehend ! Except, they can't and won't see the Truth!
      Instead, Klemp will always be there to lead around by the nose!
      The real Truth (the fraud) is too painful and fearful for them to
      see. And, their foolishment is too difficult for them to admit!

      Here's another quote from Chapter 4: "Those who watch over
      the golden scripts of the Sugmad are the NINE UNKNOWN GODS
      of ETERNITY. They are different from the ECK Masters who act
      as the teachers, instructers, and watch-guards for the portions
      of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad kept upon each plane. The NINE
      They LET ONLY A FEW INTO THEIR TEMPLES to learn the deeper
      knowledge of what the SECRET TRUTHS might hold for them."

      What ever happened to the NINE SILENT ONES? Twitchell now,
      early on in Book One, calls these Beings "Gods." Has Klemp ever
      mentioned, in 25 years, this connection with these NINE GODS
      and the WISDOM TEMPLES? I don't think so!

      Also, HK has NEVER said that only a chosen "FEW" (chelas and
      non-chelas too?) get into "THEIR (the Nine Unknown Gods)
      TEMPLES." Yet, here it is in writing in their Holy Book!

      More later--


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hi Billie,
      > Welcome to the site! I'm curious about this Yoga instructor.
      > Was she the EK Local Director or in some other high position?
      > I'm, also, curious as to how she approached you and slipped
      > the Eckankar propaganda into the conversation. Was karma,
      > past lives, chi/eck, HU, the heart center, love, or mention
      > of detachment used or was it another approach?
      > Yes, these Eckists talk like parrots (intro brochures) of all kinds
      > of things like Planes, dreams and Soul travel, past lives, karma,
      > spiritual growth, Masters, outer/inner protection, and Soul.
      > However, the founder of Eckankar Paul Twitchell used the teachings
      > of other religions such as (but not limited to) Radhasoami & Ruhani
      > Satsang in order to create his own personal scam/vocation/joke
      > that he named Eckankar. Years later, (1969), PT found it necessary
      > to create the title of "Mahanta" in order to place his words and
      > teachings above all others and to keep his hold on his membership
      > during unrestful times and when there was criticism from without
      > and within the org.
      > The truth is, each Eckist creates and recreates Eckankar to fit
      > their own personal agendas, habits, needs, and opinions because
      > there are no real specifics beyond the Mental Plane to follow. This is
      > why many needy (fearful) Eckists mimic Klemp (EMR problems, etc.).
      > Klemp, too, always has the final word and is always right regardless
      > of logic and common sense. Therefore, HK (like a Pope) never
      > corrected or added new insights to HIS OWN earlier observations or
      > comments as LEM/Mahanta in his "Autobiography." HK has stated
      > that consciousness, even for one with the "Mahanta" Consciousness,
      > is ever expanding.
      > Thus, according to Klemp many of the the comments and writings
      > made in a earlier time by the one and only (original) Mahanta, Twitchell,
      > are no longer relevant to the times! Why aren't Klemp's earlier comments
      > and observations that are taken from two other earlier books ("Child"
      > and "Soul Travelers") and used to create HK's "Autobiography" subject
      > to this same standard?
      > Besides, is it the "Mahanta Consciousness" that is ever increasing
      > or Soul's ability to decipher or understand it? HK confuses Eckists
      > in order to keep them guessing, off balance, and dependent upon
      > him for answers that they must, eventually, accept (surrender to).
      > This is, of course, a type of brain-washing/fear technique used by
      > power mongers and religions world-wide and throughout history!
      > The regulations become clearer when Eckists are instructed
      > to follow the org's outer Guidelines and the membership structure.
      > These are always updated, corrected, or deleted as were Twitchell's
      > earlier works. Only the Shariyats and a few other books have survived
      > Klemp's censorship.
      > Still, most Eckists know of the Unspoken Guidelines of Behaviour
      > that prevents chelas from asking too many questions or the
      > "wrong" questions. Violations of these Unspoken Guidelines will
      > prevent a chela from receiving an Initiation within the "normal"
      > time frame (now used) for that level of initiation. These "Violations"
      > will also prevent some chelas from being appointed to Local
      > Satsang Society Positions of EK Leadership. Of course, there are
      > cases where some these "Unspoken Guidelines" become very
      > subjective from RESA to RESA.
      > Anyway, Klemp wants to create an atmosphere of fear and
      > contradiction because it allows the chelas' imaginations to
      > fill-in the blanks and to place their trust in him as they "surrender"
      > their spiritual freedom and independent responsibility as Soul.
      > Each member (chela) of Eckankar is encouraged to create their
      > own reality, but only according to Eckankar. Eckists don't want
      > to admit it or to see the Truth that all religions do the same,
      > except, in their own unique fashion.
      > The problem that Klemp has is that the Eckankar teachings (the
      > dogma created by Twitchell) gives the "Inner" Mahanta via chelas'
      > imaginations more and greater authority for Eckists than does the
      > Outer (physical) LEM - Klemp! Ironically, this is a Catch-22 for Klemp!
      > Klemp (the LEM) is not a pretty picture of what many Eckists want
      > to become or can become (male). Why have these physical limitations
      > anyway? Can't one create, through imagination, so much more on
      > the "inner" in this present life with hopes of even greater adventures
      > and rewards in the Continuation of Existence after this physical life?!
      > Of course, and this is also the Kal Trap that Klemp preaches in order
      > to prevent Souls from leaving his fold/prison of illusion!
      > Therefore, Eckankar (like any religion) is a mixed bag of half-truths
      > whose goal is to increase membership. They all do this by making a
      > lot of promises that their competition (other religions) make with
      > a different spin. Eckankar's spin includes the multi-level
      > initiations, the belief in Soul (as us), the multiple Planes, karma,
      > Masters, the LEM/Mahanta etc. to set itself apart from other Western/
      > Eastern New Age religions. It's a hodge-podge religion with some
      > Christian Bible quotes (King James Version) along with references
      > to Rumi, etc. thrown in for good measure!
      > Eckists have to develop a good imagination just to believe these
      > ramblings of half-truths. Unfortunately, as one believes and accepts
      > more and more while surrendering logic, common sense, and critical
      > thinking they also become more deluded and dependent upon the
      > fictional andimaginary Mahanta to make every decision for them.
      > Co-dependence is disguised as Co-workership and this becomes
      > the manipulated, passive, and narcissistic reality for most of these
      > Eckists. This dysfunction causes other maladies which tend to
      > increase through the years and with each "Higher" Initiation level.
      > Anyway, please feel free to coment more!
      > Prometheus
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com,
      > "Billie Watkins Jr" samaustinashlee_billiewjr@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > "THIS IS NOT A SITE for those Eckists who want to do their vahana
      > > > (missionary) work by thinking they need to argue for Eckankar or
      > > > protect their beloved mahanta from the truth. If Klemp is what he says
      > > > (but he isn't!) then why would he need to be protected from the Truth
      > > > and the comments shared on this site? Therefore, arguments defending
      > > > Eckankar will be DELETED. Sorry, if you want to do battle for Eckankar
      > > > find another site. Besides, the Spiritual Volunteer Guidelines for
      > > > posting on the Internet states that Eckists shouldn't get into negative
      > > > discussions about Eckankar. If you go against the guidelines approved
      > > > by HK then you also go against your mahanta."
      > > >
      > >
      > > I really like what you have stated. I have been doing Yoga for
      > > about 10 years and I recently started going to a gym here at University
      > > of New Orleans. The head instructor ask me to come to her (she is the
      > > head of the organization here) to group for several events this weekend.
      > >
      > > I learned in my life, starting with "Believe half of what you see and
      > > nothing that you read",politics and christianity, I don't buy into,
      > > pardon me, any shit anyone has to sell me.
      > >
      > > I obviously did not go, spent time with my family, and told myself
      > > to do some research online to see about this eakaradagedoodee stuff.
      > >
      > > I guess people need a savior, no matter how they get it. This has,
      > > and still does, happen all the time. Anyway, enough of my babal,
      > > thanks again.
      > >
      > > Billie Watkins Jr.
      > > >
      > >
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