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2887I like your approach

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  • Billie Watkins Jr
    Sep 23, 2007
      "THIS IS NOT A SITE for those Eckists who want to do their vahana
      (missionary) work by thinking they need to argue for Eckankar or
      protect their beloved mahanta from the truth. If Klemp is what he says
      (but he isn't!) then why would he need to be protected from the Truth
      and the comments shared on this site? Therefore, arguments defending
      Eckankar will be DELETED. Sorry, if you want to do battle for Eckankar
      find another site. Besides, the Spiritual Volunteer Guidelines for
      posting on the Internet states that Eckists shouldn't get into negative
      discussions about Eckankar. If you go against the guidelines approved
      by HK then you also go against your mahanta."

      I really like what you have stated. I have been doing Yoga for
      about 10 years and I recently started going to a gym here at University
      of New Orleans. The head instructor ask me to come to her( she is the
      head of the organization here) to group for several events this
      I learned in my life, starting with "Believe half of what you see
      and nothing that you read",politics and christianity, I don't buy into,
      pardon me, any shit anyone has to sell me.
      I obviously did not go, spent time with my family, and told myself
      to do some research online to see about this eakaradagedoodee stuff.

      I guess people need a savior, no matter how they get it. This has,
      and still does, happen all the time.
      Anyway, enough of my babal, thanks again.
      Billie Watkins Jr.
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