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287Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • ctecvie
    Jul 20, 2005
      Hello Prometheus,

      I forgot one comment in my previous post:

      > If this 6th initiate let anyone know that he had read Ford's book
      > and had doubts about Eckankar... then I'm not so sure that he has
      > received his 7th by now. If I was his RESA I'd have put him on a
      > five year probation!

      I don't know how many knew of this. He had told us about Ford
      Johnson and thus contributed a great deal to our leaving and
      spiritual liberation. :-) He then told me personally that he would
      not leave Eckankar because Ford's path was based on destruction and
      that this was something PT hadn't done. I told him that if he
      thought that all the lies were better, well ... And I told him that
      I would not congratulate him on the 7th (because he had received it
      by then) because due to the knowledge gained from reading Ford's
      book, he must know that this isn't worth anything. I haven't heard
      from him much since. It's a pity because he is a beautiful
      individual and very smart. Well, that's life I guess! :-))

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