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2856HK Has More Empty Promises For Chelas via Imagination

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 3 12:42 PM
      BTW- The title for HK's 09/2007 Mystic World
      article is: "Lemuria, Atlantis, and Today" and
      the last word of the article is "spiritually," also
      the last word in HK's June 2007 article is


      The 2007 ECK Worldwide Seminar information
      states the same old crap (yawn)! Yep! The theme
      of "A Year of Blessing," will, once again, be the
      promise this year (and for the next 12 years)
      for those hopeful and imaginative chelas willing
      and able to pay out the big bucks for travel, hotel,
      and food... oh, and for the Seminar itself! Of course,
      there will be New Book and NEW EK Material
      releases too, and this will be an additional expense
      for many ECKists.

      Klemp quotes from Twitchell's Shariyat One:

      "The ECK CHELA is always cherished, beloved,
      and PROTECTED by the ECK Master in EVERY
      ACT of the CHELA'S LIFE." [my caps]

      Apparently, this statement was written by PT
      prior to Jan. 1969 and escaped edit! Notice
      that Twitchell states that the chela is protected
      "by the ECK Master" VERSUS by the LEM/Mahanta!

      Really! Why would PT say "THE" ECK Master
      when he could have said "THE" Mahanta. There
      are supposed to be "MANY" ECK Masters versus
      only "ONE" Mahanta... right!?

      Really, can Any "ECK Master" "PROTECT" chelas
      in "EVERY ACT" of the Chela's life... can the
      Mahanta?! Of course NOT! Twitchell couldn't even
      live long enough to collect a Social Security check!
      He, too, was surprised that he had a heart attack
      since he hadn't chosen a successor.

      Then, after Paul died, Darwin Gross was chosen (by
      Gail and the Board of Trustees) as "the ECK Master"
      that "always protected chelas in every act of the chela's

      Isn't it strange that in over 25 YEARS Klemp Has
      NOT lived up to this Shariyat promise either! Actually,
      it's NOT strange at all when one can see the flaws
      and lies for what they are. ECKANKAR is as much
      of a scam as other religions are! Look at all of those
      H.I.s (free of karma, lol) that were NOT PROTECTED

      Once again, three of the workshops will be:
      "Acres of Diamonds Meeting; Karmabusters; and

      The one thing that I've noticed of all the EK seminars,
      over the years, is WHO benefited most from them and
      WHOM the ESC directed the seminars toward. Basically,
      the seminars are designed for the 0-4th Initiates. And,
      HK's talk only contains scraps of Hope, for change, and
      the standard embellished stories that have been sent to
      the ESC by the loyal needful followers. I wonder how many
      Nigerian stories there will be this year?

      Yes, for many H.I.s the seminar is for strutting around,
      acting AS IF they are "higher" while honing their speaking
      (leadership) skills in a vain and phoney act of service.
      Belief in the inflow/outflow principle is the only reason
      many ECKists do what they do (within ECKANKAR) as a
      "service" obligation. But, why not just be a good person
      and serve humanity, etc. instead of some Religious Dogma
      that has no real Spiritual value. Actually, any Religious
      Dogma (ECKANKAR included) has just the opposite effect!
      It's negative and exclusive... it's MAN-made!

      However, if EK Chelas want to "see" The REAL MAHANTA
      then just look into a mirror! Any One Soul is the same
      as the Mahanta! Honestly, there are NO real or valid
      initiations other than the "number" printed upon a
      chela's PHYSICAL MEMBERSHIP CARD! When one has
      to pay a Yearly Fee (donation) to maintain their level of
      consciousness (on the inner as well) it becomes
      obvious that this is NOT a true measurement or
      yardstick of Spiritual Growth.

      The time served in the EK Religion, and in an Initiation
      Number, only reflect how long and how much one
      bought into the SCAM! But, what else would these
      people have been doing? Living Life More Fully?!
      Still, it's amazing how a person can go from one
      religion (path?) to another and Not see the same
      old traps for what they are. However, there are always
      different and better traps being made. Let's face
      it, though, the best traps are the one's that are
      camouflaged more!

      When PT and HK use half-truths, promises, and
      outright fiction (Rebazar, etc.) that can't be proven
      or disproven (except in one's imagination) then there
      will always be believable doubt for many. However,
      many people (especially the trusting spiritual seeker)
      will, usually, give another the benefit of the doubt.
      Actually, this is just the opposite of what should be
      done by these EK Chelas. ECKists should be more
      cautious, especially, when looking back at their
      former religions.

      ECKANKAR indoctrinates people to accept the
      ECKANKAR Dogma, UNTIL, one can PROVE IT to
      oneself! But, what happens when you can't "PROVE"
      it? See, that's the CATCH-22! One CAN'T really PROVE
      the Dogma and the Promises don't materialize, except,
      in one's mind! Really, HK's promise and Shariyat quote
      doesn't ever materialize more than it does for a Non-
      ECKist! This, therefore, is when IMAGINATION becomes
      KEY for the EK Chela. Then again Isolation is, also, how
      the EK Church works its Magic upon individuals chelas.
      Isolation narrows one's perspective, gives a false sense
      of security due to group beliefs, and increases vanity.

      However, after years and years of brain-washing
      and memorizing, over and over, Twitchell's half-truths
      and joining the exclusive H.I. pyramid, early on, led
      these people to think that they are more Spiritual and
      have more Benefits or "Blessings" than other Souls.

      ECKists have tunnel vision of course! They can't see
      that the normal and natural ups and downs of life
      (karma) is the same for them AND for Non-Members too!
      ECKists have just chosen a security blanket (religion) of
      a different color and style. All religions are man-made!

      However, with ECKANKAR, the "Outer" distortions make
      the "Inner" a distortion as well! It is said that 'Ignorance
      is Bliss,' and this is certainly true of religion because all
      religions are KAL traps that lull people into a false sense
      security. This is due to a multitude of factors with arrogance
      or vanity, being the main one! ECKists aren't alone with
      their 'Holier than Thou' attitudes.

      When the believer's imagination fulfills all of their
      spiritual desires and needs then they have truly become
      lost in illusion and in their own private delusions,
      as well as, in their shared group (EK) delusions.

      Why, then, do ECKists need Mahantas that can't even
      live long enough to draw Social Security (PT) or who
      can't PROTECT himself from EMRs (HK)?
      People need to see the Truth in their own
      Self-Mastery as Soul rather than in a make-believe,
      slow talking, simple-minded, imposter! Really! Are
      these ECKists so insecure and desparate that they need
      any religion or a leader like Klemp for the rest of their life!

      ECKists should think about this and ask themselves WHY?
      And, When will ECKists ever reach their REAL/ORIGINAL
      SPIRITUAL GOALS beyond a silly number on a card?