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  • Steve
    Aug 31, 2007
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      Please tell us the main headline of Harry's article on the front
      page of the Sept 2007 Mystic World. It will be used for accessing
      eckankars members areas. The last word is the one we want to use.

      > In the September, 2007 "The Mystic World" Klemp
      > repeats, and re-enforces, the "NEW AGE" Myth and
      > Folklore that PT also used in the creation of ECKANKAR.
      > On an Internet search I found that:
      > Atlantis was a Myth created by Plato in order to
      > symbolize his political theories. There was destruction
      > from volcanic eruptions during his time (circa 9400 B.C.)
      > and Plato used these events and others to create the Myth.
      > Lemuria (MU) is associated with Folklore and Madame
      > Blavatsky (1880s) and with the Book of Dzyan. It is said,
      > that she invented the Book of Dzyan by the Mahatmas.
      > Blavatsky also wrote of Root Races and that the Atlanteans
      > were the Third Root Race. She also spoke of Dragon or
      > Serpent-like men (of a reptilian race), but she used these
      > descriptions to only symbolize their advanced knowledge
      > and magical powers. However, there are many nutty cults
      > and conspiracy groups that use this same Myth as a basis
      > of belief for their dogmas as well. Did you know that the
      > ancient "reptilian" survivors of Lemuria made it to America
      > and dug tunnels under Mt. Shasta in northern California
      > and that they have living off-spring? Is HK one of these?
      > Check it out by doing an Internet search of your own!
      > Klemp closes his Bull Sh_t article with:
      > "Learn from the ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans.
      > Those lessons will stand you in good stead spiritually."
      > Can't HK find something more current to talk about?
      > Can't these same "lessons" be put into a modern context?
      > The only reasons Klemp uses ancient Myth and Folklore
      > is that it re-enforces EK Dogma and a Mythical/Mystical
      > Belief System that Discourages Logical and Critical Thought.
      > It's like believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny or
      > Big Foot!
      > And, there are a lot of things one can make up as they
      > go along when using Myth. It's ever so easy! Recorded
      > history can be bent too, but is much more tricky because
      > one needs to incorporate some facts in with the lies.
      > However, Klemp also has to support the belief in all of
      > those past ECK Masters and this supports the belief that
      > there is an "ancient and on-going lineage" which gives
      > HK his authority and validates his position as the ALL
      > KNOWING MAHANTA (one notch below SUGMAD of course!).
      > What's this all mean for ECKists? It means that chelas have
      > to believe in what their Mahanta is saying! They have to
      > accept this, literally, as being the whole truth involving the
      > ancient heritage of mankind. ECKists are NEW AGE believers!
      > ECKists cannot throw the baby out with the bath water!
      > being a MEMBER of this RELIGION?!
      > ECKANKAR does not work if one picks and chooses what
      > EK Dogma chelas can or can't believe in! Religion, including
      > ECKANKAR, doesn't work, unless, one gives in to Myth and
      > illusion by using the imagination too much or without a balanced
      > approach. It's because people tend to trust authority figures,
      > and "following" is the Easy Way. One can validate or accept
      > anything when there is a desire to do so. Mental and emotional
      > belief is extremely strong and one can imagine one's own
      > version of reality more easily when helped with the accumulated
      > imaginings of others. This, however, belies the problem
      > that each Soul needs to unravel on their own, or with a little
      > help from their friends... all things and people that can be
      > seen as (temporary) teachers in the search for Truth.
      > However, ECKists must also believe in the ECKANKAR version
      > of the CREATION MYTH. Twitchell did some letter changes,
      > again, and turns ADAM into ADOM and EVE into EDE(N), but
      > keeps the GARDEN of EDEN as the same. Even Klemp lists
      > these same descriptions in his ECKANKAR LEXICON! These
      > are the real "Secret Teachings" of ECKANKAR! LOL!
      > In this September, 2007 The Mystic World in "ASK THE
      > MASTER" Klemp avoids giving any reference to ADOM and EDE
      > when asked:
      > Q: "Who was the first person, and how did that person
      > get here?"
      > Klemp doesn't even mention the ECK Master GAKKO who,
      > supposedly, came from VENUS (via UFO?)! [See pg. 125
      > of the Lexicon under Living ECK Master]
      > Instead, at the end of the article (which is a reprint from
      > a past LETTER of LIGHT) Klemp suggests that ECKists
      > read the Shariyat 1, Ch. 3 and goes on to mention that
      > Sci-Fi shows about space travel help "people's consciousness"
      > and "to see one way that people first came to earth."
      > Okay Klemp! You can't have it both ways so which was it?
      > Was man and woman (Adom and Ede) created on Earth by GOD?
      > Or, did mankind inhabit the earth by being transported
      > here through a Stargate (vortex), or by UFOs?
      > BTW- If you want to read the article Klemp is referring to
      > from "The Letter of Light" (with my comments) just do a
      > search on this site for "Adom and Ede."
      > Also, isn't it interesting that Klemp is still referring chelas
      > to the Shariyat Book 1 that Twitchell wrote, at least, 37
      > years ago! Can't Klemp come up with his own Modern Day
      > Wisdom since he claims to be a "Modern Prophet" and intellectual?!
      > Prometheus
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