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276Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 17 9:20 AM
      Hi Ingrid,
      Actually, the carrot of initiation has many levels for each Eckist.

      Prometheus wrote:
      >>Maharishi and Klemp were just full of hot air. TM's con is to
      create "Heaven on Earth." Klemp's claim is what... to give spiritual
      freedom through Eck mastership? But one needs the 10th Initiation
      for Eck "Mastership" and that doesn't happen on the physical plane
      unless your male and are the Living Eck Master! Promises! Promises!

      Ingrid wrote:
      >Prometheus, I think you have gotten that wrong. ;-) It's not
      through Eck mastership because nobody will ever attain it for HK is
      glued to his seat, but the promise is to not have to come back to
      this "lower" world full of sh ... but to sit happily on a cloud on
      the soul plane or even higher! ;-)) (well, that's a bit simplified,
      I know, but what the heck, I couldn't resist this one ;-)) ).

      ***True, nobody except Klemp (or his male replacements) will ever
      attain "Eck mastership." But there are different promises for each
      initiation level. With the 2nd thru 4th initiations it's not having
      to return to earth for future incarnations. At the 5th it's also
      being established on the 5th "Soul" Plane, having past life karma
      resolved, and reaching Self or Soul Realization/Consciousness. The
      6th and 7th initiations offer Spiritual Realization (and "settler"
      positions) and a step closer to the golden carrot of God Realization
      (Eck Mastership) and spiritual liberation. However, the more
      initiations and years of delusion tends to take its toll on one's
      ability to see/think more clearly (without Mahanta dependence).
      Eckists on these initiation levels, especially the 7th and 8th, tend
      to see themselves on higher "inner" initiation levels too. Actually,
      there are many Eckists on even lower initiation levels who see
      themselves on "higher inner" initiation levels. Rationalizing is how
      the typical Eckist is able to wait those long years inbetween
      initiations. And, for those hitting the glass ceiling of the 7th the
      ability to rationalize and dream of Eck mastership is of utmost
      importance in order to continue the delusion. Eckists are taught to
      be co-dependent on the outer/inner "Master," through contradictions
      (i.e., self-reliance) and deception (i.e., spiritual freedom and Eck
      Mastership). As I pointed out before in regards to the Masters 4
      Discourse Lesson 2 on the Nineth Initiation... there are three
      stages and the third and final stage to that initiation is
      confirmation on the outer! Therefore, wouldn't all initiations have
      the same requirements? How then can Eckists think that they
      are "higher" than their membership cards indicate? This is the same
      kind of delusion that is prevalent, necessary, and required to
      follow all of the Eck dogma! Silly isn't it! But, if one doesn't
      have anything better to replace it (Eckankar) with then it does give
      a false sense of security. It's really too bad that true spiritual
      freedom from Twitchell's and Klemp's con is only achieved when one
      sees through the deceit, sees real truth and then has the courage to
      act on it!

      >Eckankar helped us a lot to become deluded ... apart from meeting
      really nice people in Eckankar, it was also in Eckankar that I met
      the most deluded people.

      ***True, I met some very nice people and some as deluded as I was! I
      also met a lot of social misfits that "hid out" with their higher
      initiations. Most Eckists will overlook "quirky behavior" if that
      person is an H.I.

      >Eckists are often just parroting what they are reading, but they
      have not realized it with themselves. Ah, yes - even some HCS
      members are like that. Did you notice that Mario, in his last post,
      sounded exactly like HK in his wisdom notes and talks? It really
      struck me, and I had to kind of chuckle. ;-))

      ***Yes, Mario is extremely quirky! I found it interesting that Ford
      allows him to post his innuendo's and veiled threats while typically
      Not contributing anything of spiritual value or of higher
      consciousness. One has to wonder if this is Ford's Archilles heel,
      or if something else is taking place. Why is it that B&M can do no
      wrong when they are so wrong! What's Ford's game in turning a blind
      eye to their misbehavior and the cult/con promotions?

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