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274Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 17, 2005
      Hi, Prometheus!

      I like your analysis! Thanks for sharing this! : )


      Prometheus wrote:

      This time Klemp tells about Rumi and his teacher the ECK Master

      To recap: In the June 2005 Mystic World Klemp talked about Milarepa
      (11th Century) and his beer drinking, difficult, and secret (newly
      created) ECK Master Marpa. By the way, were the Four Zoas (laws) of
      Eckankar in effect then? Beer drinking (alcohol) for ECK Masters
      (High Initiates) is forbidden according to the 1st Zoa (Shariyat 2,
      pg.283). Therefore, was Marpa really still qualified to initiate
      Milarepa and was Milarepa therefore qualified to be the
      L.E.M./Mahanta and so on and so forth for all of those afterwards?
      Remember, this is pre-Rebazar (excuse) too! Harold stuck his foot in
      his mouth it would seem. Eckists seem to turn a deaf ear and blind
      eye to it all while numbly and mindlessly trusting that these words
      don't really indicate a flaw in logic or dogma. Why was Klemp so
      stupid to mention this! It's because he's so arrogant and secure
      with his delusions! Eckists will believe anything and everything
      their leader tells them. Of course, we former Eckists know that
      Twitch was the first to make it all up as the 1st L.E.M., and Klemp
      continues the con. Maybe he just needs to use the excuse of "Catch-

      It seems Klemp's whole purpose in mentioning this "history" of ECK
      Masters in both publications is to compete with and top "Sri"
      Michael Owens (thewayoftruth.com)! I found it interesting that Klemp
      states, "Shamus was a hard teacher." Klemp is not only attempting to
      re-enforce his (Klemp's) authenticity and authority, but also to
      justify his hard-handedness to the entire Eckankar membership.
      According to Klemp, Mapa was a "difficult" teacher, Shamus was
      a "hard" teacher; therefore, HK must be hellish! Actually, Klemp is
      just B.S.ing Eckists to make it seem that his unloving harshness,
      censorship, and control tactics are for one's own good. It's not
      true, of course. Klemp only has the power Eckists give him! Eckists
      have allowed Klemp to entrap their own Souls!

      Here's an interesting quote: "Shamus met him in the marketplace, and
      this encounter threw Rumi into a daze. It vaulted him to a greater
      state of consciousness. What mortal enjoyed such divine power as
      Shamus?" Well, since the Eckankar Lexicon states that Shamus was the
      L.E.M./Mahanta, then it seems Klemp is putting himself right up
      there too! Rumi, on the other hand, was just "a follower of ECK"
      (Eckankar Lexicon, pg. 102) and not even an Eck Master. This is why
      Klemp states that Rumi just experienced "a greater state of
      consciousness" instead of God-Realization. If HK had stated that
      Rumi had experienced God-Realization, then Rumi would have to be
      listed as more than just "a follower of ECK" in the Eckankar
      Lexicon. At least Klemp got that part of his tale correct! Still, it
      seems HK is also giving credence to his own 1970 "daze" to again
      validate his qualifications and to give his words merit. This is
      brain washing at its best. . . very subtle and not so forceful like
      Scientology. Still, there is that Twitchell connection to the
      Scientology cult!

      I found it interesting that Owens' site has a section that has Rumi
      talking as though he is still with us! Klemp, however, makes three
      distinct speculations about what happened to Shamus after he left
      Rumi. Klemp makes statements like: "other speculation; no one really
      knows; there are said; A third reason that Shamus may have left"
      etc. Klemp even suggests that Shamus could have been murdered by
      Rumi's disciples! Actually, Klemp seems to know what Shamus was
      thinking by describing it (at first) in terms that Judge Judy (of TV
      fame) might use, but then HK starts to backpedal and
      speculate. "Rumi, he felt needed 'to be cooked' by separation. After
      all, his first departure had seen in Rumi a far greater devotion to
      God. Yet he still leaned too heavily on Shamus; it was holding him
      back spiritually, so Shamus may have decided to pop Rumi back in the

      Now this is interesting! Here Klemp states that Rumi could only
      become fully "cooked" spiritually if he was separated from his
      Master. So, since Rumi was unwilling to leave or say good-bye then
      Shamus did the right thing and let him go by walking away. . .
      maybe. Or maybe Shamus was assassinated! Two things come to mind.
      Why doesn't Klemp (the Mahanta) know the truth about Shamus since
      Shamus also possessed the Mahanta consciousness? Klemp screwed that
      up, didn't he! And secondly, why doesn't Klemp let his H.I.s go and
      allow them to become more fully "cooked" since he is, apparently,
      holding them "back spiritually!" "And so there we leave it."

      After this article is a small box that states: "The goal of an H.I.
      get-together is to strengthen you in your common purpose: to assist,
      through outer service, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in his
      mission to show Soul the way home to God." --Shree Klempster

      Now why doesn't Klemp just say what an H.I. "get-together" really
      is? It's a TRAINING, People! Klemp doesn't even capitalize "get-
      together" since it's to be thought of as a social gathering of
      sorts, but it's not! Yes, Eckists are now realizing their true goal
      and mission as pseudo Eck Masters in training (forever) is not God-
      Realization, but to recruit more paying members! Who'd a thunk!

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