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273Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • ctecvie
    Jul 17, 2005
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      Hello Prometheus & Mish,

      > This is true for all of these "Masters" or "Whatever" they claim
      > be, and for the "powers" they possess. Maharishi, of TM fame,
      > gather thousands of us siddhas together to "raise the
      > of the areas we were sent to. Washington D.C. or New York City for
      > the United Nations conferences or even the Middle East were hot
      > areas that needed our help. The problem with going to the Middle
      > Eastern countries was with the clothes the average TMer was
      > to wear. Maharishi had a dress code that made everyone look like
      > FBI or CIA agent! Everyone was stopped at customs! How could you
      > blame the people in these other countries when hundreds of young
      > dark suited males and females were coming to their country just
      > to "meditate" and raise the consciousness of their country.

      I think this behavior shows a lot of disrespect to the people in
      this country. How can you raise the consciousness of somebody whom
      you don't respect and, besides that, is certainly not willing to
      have his "consciousness raised"? And, raised to what? What if their
      consciousness is already where it should be, but only different? I
      remember our guide from a tour we made in the US who, despite his
      young age, was a very wise guy who always told us when the time came
      to choose between two or three tour offers for the current
      day: "Remember, whatever you choose don't complain or don't think
      that yours is better or worse than the other tours - it's not
      better, it's not worse, it's just different". I will remember this
      guy always just for this sentence!

      > when one looks at what is happening in the world since all of
      > this "raising of consciousness" has been taking place it seems
      > Maharishi and Klemp were just full of hot air. TM's con is to
      > create "Heaven on Earth." Klemp's claim is what... to give
      > freedom through Eck mastership? But one needs the 10th Initiation
      > for Eck "Mastership" and that doesn't happen on the physical plane
      > unless your male and are the Living Eck Master! Promises! Promises!

      Prometheus, I think you have gotten that wrong. ;-) It's not through
      Eck mastership because nobody will ever attain it for HK is glued to
      his seat, but the promise is to not have to come back to
      this "lower" world full of sh ... but to sit happily on a cloud on
      the soul plane or even higher! ;-)) (well, that's a bit simplified,
      I know, but what the heck, I couldn't resist this one ;-)) ).
      > > I have a friend who for a time self-diagnosed the EMR problem,
      > right after I communicated (via email)about and urged this person
      > read Ford's book Confessions of a God Seeker. All of a sudden,
      > person could no longer sit at the computer without becoming ill!
      > What a coincidence! : )

      Yes and there were many more who got the same thing, or thought
      so ...
      > Yes, I had a H.I. Eck friend (pre "Confessions") that told me that
      > she believed in kinesiology. I expressed doubt that it really
      > and was a valid method to use for one's health.

      Well, as everything, it's a method to help yourselves - if you are
      interested in this kind of method. My husband was one of the first
      kinesiologists in the country (besides his "real" work as an IT
      specialist in a bank) and I have found and still find this method
      quite helpful. But of course, if you develop cancer or break a leg
      or develop other serious symptoms, you still have to go to the
      doctor to find out what's wrong and how it can be helped. I think
      that all these methods can be used in addition to traditional
      methods. And they can help you keep your energy level high before
      developing symptoms! There are so many methods and therapies out
      there - the most important is that you make your choice, whatever
      this choice is! And that you stay reasonable, too.

      > But, she was very
      > insistent on its reliability. However, she then told me that she
      > still going to use some supplements that she was Not to use
      > of the kinesology test. She felt that using her own "intuition"
      > better. I then said, "I guess you don't really believe in
      > then." The Eckist then got a very puzzled look on her face, and
      > back peddling began!

      Well, seems that she did not really make her choice ... :-)
      > > In my naivety, I asked how one was diagnosed--what
      > procedures/tests are done to prove such an illness. Well, this
      > person became highly defensive and said that he/she didn't need
      > tests to prove it--he/she knew!!!! Did I mention this was an
      > Talk about being highly sensitive--when defending crackpot

      Eckankar helped us a lot to become deluded ... apart from meeting
      really nice people in Eckankar, it was also in Eckankar that I met
      the most deluded people.
      > People want answers and sooner or later they will find them...
      > if those answers are not accurate or truthful.

      Yes, and I think that the thing is to find the answers and move on
      to the next ones, as the answers always change the more you develop -
      or, just the more you live! I think that a religion, and
      Eckankar,too, makes us believe that we have attained everything and
      found the truth. Even if they say that they have still to unfold,
      there's that feeling "I have finally arrived and everything will be
      ok". And this feels good, of course! And it's not easy to move on
      when we find out that this is not so ...

      > > I have noticed that the anger/defensiveness occurs the strongest
      > with those who have the weakest belief systems or theories that
      > are promoting! I guess this is so, because there is no real basis
      > fact to what they are buying into! It's all speculation--their own
      > or someone else's that they want to believe! Maybe, they are
      > fighting their own subconscious that knows better and they are
      > frustrated. The argument is not really with those who are not
      > agreeing with them, but actually within their own selves. Well,
      > that's just a guess!

      Yes, I agree with that. The more open people are, the more they will
      respect people with different beliefs. Eckists are often just
      parroting what they are reading, but they have not realized it with
      themselves. Ah, yes - even some HCS members are like that. Did you
      notice that Mario, in his last post, sounded exactly like HK in his
      wisdom notes and talks? It really struck me, and I had to kind of
      chuckle. ;-))

      > I agree! Either on a Soul level or a subconscious or even on an
      > unconscious level of awareness one's Self sees through the facade
      > and distortions that are created by ego as a matter of convenience
      > or security for peace of mind. Everyones' ego are seeking that
      > comfort level to deal with their own limited reality and with
      > portions of the realities of others. Usually people tend to group
      > together in order to bolster the ego's belief in the facsimiles
      > similar creations.

      Yes, because it feels so good to belong! I can confirm that it feels
      very good to belong!
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