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  • marlaprendergast
    Jul 2, 2007
      Again, I feel I must correct the record regarding my presence on
      this site, which apparently is considered controversial and annoying:

      > Apparently, Marla
      > thinks the anti-Eckankar sites are a good place to air the
      > dirty laundry, to get even, to inform others of this bad
      > or just vent her anger.

      No, that is false. I have stated repeatedly the reason I came on
      this site was to discern whether the less than stellar integrity of
      my ex-BF was common to those who claim to reach a high level of
      spirituality in Eckankar. I'm not going to rehash my reasoning
      again. I'm rather tired of it. Go back and look if you are curious.

      > Marla did take a positive suggestion and changed her pseudonym
      > from marlasobbing to marlapretendgasp, although, I'm puzzled
      > at the second choice.

      Again, this is false. This really amazes me. Can you not see that my
      name is "Marla Prendergast"? The phrase "Marla Pretendgasp" is Liz's
      attempt to mock my name, and now you are claiming that I chose it? I
      must add that I just found out that Liz is actually a moderator of
      this group. That just blows my mind. I expect random attacks such as
      hers from wayward members on forums who come in to rile people up
      and spew nonsense. I had no idea she actually held a position of
      responsibility on this site. Wow.

      Lastly, in the last few days there have been accusations of abusive
      private emails going back and forth between members. Both prometheus
      and liz have somewhat justified their critical posts by saying they
      are the victims of such emails. I don't know if they were referring
      to me as a sender of one of these emails, but I want to make it
      perfectly clear that I have never sent a private email attacking
      anyone here or on any site. I challenge anyone who claims I did to
      present it here.

      I would also again like to thank leafeater for his sage posts. He
      has hit the nail right on the head.
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