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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 2, 2007
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      Hi Non ekster,
      It seems weird to me as well! It started with Marlasobbing
      coming over here from ET. She, apparently, wanted to share
      (with more people) her frustrations, anger, and some negative
      information about her ex-6th Initiate boyfriend and that he
      wasn't very "spiritual" since he carried a condom next to his
      Eck I.D. card, and that he cheated on her with hookers! Of
      course, I don't know how she really knew about the condom,
      the cheating, or the hookers, but it was a juicy story about a
      male H.I. misbehaving (which is really nothing new for either
      gender for Eckists in general). She, also, mentioned how he
      had taken her for an E.S.A. session and that she liked this
      female H.I. and, basically, said that the E.S.A. was very
      convincing with her silver tongue and friendly demeanor.

      I don't see that the term Victim Consciousness is always a
      New Age term, especially, when it's applied to the wrong
      "relationship" choices that we make. Sometimes the rejected
      person will place all blame on the other person while not taking
      responsibility for making a bad choice, seeing the signs, and
      admitting they screwed up. Closing one's eyes to the truth and
      then blaming the other person or someone else, to me, is a form
      of Victim Consciousness. It's kind of like how some women will
      choose "bad boys" and then not take responsibility for it or fail
      to (and refuse to) look into the "why" and then taking the steps
      to correct their destructive decision making processes. Life becomes
      one long drama or soap opera for some people. Maybe they enjoy
      the attention too! I'm not saying this was what Marla was doing,
      but it seemed like it was possible and after awhile. It wasn't like
      it was a super long relationship (one year) IMO. Plus, she still saw
      it in a "romantic" way! That's why I agreed with Liz and said that
      it was seeming like this was a one-sided version (of the truth)
      from a woman scorned. I know that I should not have "talked about"
      Marla nor made this observation or assumption, but then again it
      reminded me of situations in the past where I saw others caught in
      similar circumstances and one heard only one side of the relationship

      Leaf then came to Marla's defense while being unaware of Zoey's
      neg. involvment. Zoey (he/she) got very nasty on the site and privately.
      There was also confusion with what was said to whom. I was unable
      to discuss this with Leaf privately because he had already formed an
      opinion. I put Leaf on temporary moderated status because I didn't
      want to keep the discussion escalating. Unfortunately Liz (Co-moderator)
      read a pending message and replied to it in part. This created even
      more disharmony which became impossible to resolve.

      Anyway, it was an interesting learning experience. I admit that
      there were mistakes made (people aren't perfect) and that it could
      have been done better and kinder and there could have been more
      tolerance and consideration given to one another. So for that, on my
      part, I apologize to Marla and to everyone.

      p.s. I do appreciate Liz being a Co-moderator and taking care of
      the sites while I am away. Thanks Liz!

      "Non ekster" wrote:
      > Well this is all seeming very weird to me. If there is anyone I
      > greatly respect as a poster on many of these ex eckankar sites, it is
      > Leaf or Kent. Anonymous is in the main title of this group, so I could
      > see that there would be an opportunity for anyone to post here either
      > sincerely or not. But I have never come across a post by Kent that I
      > recall ever needing to be deleted or edited. He is definitely a non
      > eckist and I actually agree with much of what he has to say. I also
      > find it odd that with all of the intelligent posts I've read here that
      > Kent would be slandered several times for appearing to be too
      > intelligent. lol Some people are more dramatic than others. If someone
      > wants to vent about an eck relationship gone bad, so what. There may
      > be something worth learning and discussing. I usually save my attacks
      > for those who are obviously attempting to do eck vahana work or are
      > trying to make out that eckankar and it's beliefs are real, rather
      > than plagiarized authoritarian destructive CULT Crap. I understand
      > having to delete certain posts so as to not turn the group into an
      > eckist forum in disguise.
      > As far as the "victim consciousness", I see it as a term that is used
      > too often as a put down and it's a little New Age for me. It implies
      > that all are Cause 100% of the time and this imo is very ECKANKARish
      > to me. I am reminded of how people make fun the add where the old
      > woman is laying on the floor crying out, "Help, I've fallen and can't
      > get up." While there is some humor in it at times for younger people
      > (like myself : )) I have had the experience several times where I
      > actually had to help people get up off the ground, and it was a very
      > terrifying experience for them. One man even had a dislocated hip, in
      > his own apartment. He was very emabarrassed. Should I have lectured
      > him on his "victim consciousness". NO! The odd thing is that at the
      > time I was an Eckist and fortunately common sense took over in an
      > emergency.
      > By the way I'm all for birth control and also a sense of humor, and
      > constructive critisism.
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      > <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi All,
      > > Isn't it nice to be free from Eckankar and all of those lies
      > > that leave Eckists hanging onto hope while they putter
      > > away their lives in their own private little worlds of delusion.
      > > Happy Independence!
      > >
      > > On another note: It is interesting that a person came here
      > > (Marla) to share their opinion of the negative "romantic"
      > > relationship with one of Klemp's H.I.s. And, this one-sided
      > > view did seem to put the H.I. Eckankar Cleric in a bad
      > > light according to his jilted ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Marla
      > > thinks the anti-Eckankar sites are a good place to air the
      > > dirty laundry, to get even, to inform others of this bad behaviour,
      > > or just vent her anger. Afterall, these H.I.s are supposed to be
      > > more "spiritual" than mere mortals, as well as, other Souls.
      > > Marla did take a positive suggestion and changed her pseudonym
      > > from marlasobbing to marlapretendgasp, although, I'm puzzled
      > > at the second choice. Anyway, there were some things said to
      > > Marla that could have been said in a more diplomatic or
      > > politically correct way and was not... for that I apologize.
      > >
      > > in another case we had a former h.i. ride in on his white horse
      > > to rescue the damsel in distress. it seemed like he thought he
      > > was still a swordsman for the sugmad. lol! There will be no further
      > > explanations or discussions on this matter or subjects related to
      > > this.
      > >
      > > In two other cases a Zoey True, and a Rowan Oak came in
      > > to further undermine the site with negative posts that were
      > > deleted. Zoey, also, sent nasty, rude, crude, and even lewd
      > > private e-mails to some site members. This is one reason why
      > > Liz posted what she did on the public forum (ESA) rather than
      > > to Zoey privately. Zoey's private e-mails were insightful ONLY
      > > in that they showed his/her true character, as well as, a below
      > > average intelligence and spiritual growth. However, it does seem
      > > that Zoey True and Rowan Oak are the same person due to the
      > > similar e-mails being sent (and deleted) with their intentional
      > > attempt to shut this site down.
      > >
      > >
      > > BTW-Leaf: The reason your post did not go up is because I requested
      > > that they be reviewed first by me. Liz seemed to want to reply to you,
      > > in part, on this site. However, if you want to discuss your deleted post
      > > further with her then you should e-mail her privately.
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
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