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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 30, 2007
      Hi All,
      Isn't it nice to be free from Eckankar and all of those lies
      that leave Eckists hanging onto hope while they putter
      away their lives in their own private little worlds of delusion.
      Happy Independence!

      On another note: It is interesting that a person came here
      (Marla) to share their opinion of the negative "romantic"
      relationship with one of Klemp's H.I.s. And, this one-sided
      view did seem to put the H.I. Eckankar Cleric in a bad
      light according to his jilted ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Marla
      thinks the anti-Eckankar sites are a good place to air the
      dirty laundry, to get even, to inform others of this bad behaviour,
      or just vent her anger. Afterall, these H.I.s are supposed to be
      more "spiritual" than mere mortals, as well as, other Souls.
      Marla did take a positive suggestion and changed her pseudonym
      from marlasobbing to marlapretendgasp, although, I'm puzzled
      at the second choice. Anyway, there were some things said to
      Marla that could have been said in a more diplomatic or
      politically correct way and was not... for that I apologize.

      in another case we had a former h.i. ride in on his white horse
      to rescue the damsel in distress. it seemed like he thought he
      was still a swordsman for the sugmad. lol! There will be no further
      explanations or discussions on this matter or subjects related to

      In two other cases a Zoey True, and a Rowan Oak came in
      to further undermine the site with negative posts that were
      deleted. Zoey, also, sent nasty, rude, crude, and even lewd
      private e-mails to some site members. This is one reason why
      Liz posted what she did on the public forum (ESA) rather than
      to Zoey privately. Zoey's private e-mails were insightful ONLY
      in that they showed his/her true character, as well as, a below
      average intelligence and spiritual growth. However, it does seem
      that Zoey True and Rowan Oak are the same person due to the
      similar e-mails being sent (and deleted) with their intentional
      attempt to shut this site down.

      BTW-Leaf: The reason your post did not go up is because I requested
      that they be reviewed first by me. Liz seemed to want to reply to you,
      in part, on this site. However, if you want to discuss your deleted post
      further with her then you should e-mail her privately.

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