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2681Re: ECKANKAR: The Wisdom Notes, June 2007

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 27, 2007
      Hi Liz,
      I just had a few comments too about how things really
      work within the local RESA hierarchy.

      Liz wrote:
      > So basically, I would think you would already have all the info you ask for,
      > if you were that "special" and ran with the pack. Wow, dated 2 HIs....
      > They must have ran out of fresh meat to get involved with a lower! LOL
      > Usually most HIs would bother with a lower, let alone the RESAs.... Has
      > something to do with having more awareness and direct contact with the Elite

      [ME] Yea, I guarantee that no 2nd Initiate is privey to or fully understands
      the workings of the RESA/ESC hierarchy because a RESA is their bestest
      buddy and the 2nd was dating TWO loser H.I.s! LOL! A 2nd knows only
      what the H.I.s want them to know, and is never one of the Club! LOL!
      And, I doubt that the details of how initiations were given out
      (the ESC computer list and verification phone calls) would be shared with a
      2nd initiate best buddy or even a hot date. There's no need to share this info
      and, therefore, it wouldn't be. However, if one was present when calls were
      made and the Lower listened in when there was a discussion about the yea
      or nay, as to whether one is deserving of that next initiation, then there could
      be something shared, but I doubt that it would be a complete picture. And,
      one can't really learn about Eckankar through osmosis, or by being spoon fed,
      or by riding on someone else's coat tails. However, associating with H.I.s
      (after they are brought down from their pedestals) will, eventually, show Lowers
      that there are many many loser H.I.s! This fact, also, shows that Higher
      Consciousness is NOT connected to these Higher initiations. So, I wonder
      what the RESA friend had to say in order to convince her 2nd initiate budd
      to stay in the org... it didn't work too well did it!

      > So did those HIs have super special techniques? Since they are in the
      > running to hold the rod.... Ah well maybe I'll not say what I'm really
      > thinking! Oh hell why not! Getting some from an HI, did that make you
      > more aware, or were you in it for your own agenda? I knew a few lowers
      > that thought hanging with the uppers would make them look important,
      >it was an ego thing mostly. ;-)

      [ME] Right! Actually, I'm not sure that those H.I.s are in the running to hold
      the "Rod." LOL! HK once told 4ths to hang out with the H.I.s in order to imitate
      their behaviours and act "as if." HK should have told them to pay attention to
      their own consciousness in this Here and Now present reality instead of acting
      "as if" about anything! I knew one H.I. that followed Klemp's suggestion (4ths to
      hang with H.I.s) and when she got her 5th she refused to associate with Lowers!

      BTW- Some of us were really "immersed" and for a much longer period of time!

      -------Original Message-------

      From: zoey_true

      ECKANKAR: The Wisdom Notes, June 2007

      hey, mish. i'm fairly interested in eck events from the past, and in
      the present. i think it would be quite interesting to know harold's
      family dynamics.

      i didn't comment on the wisdom notes because i don't really have a

      i'm not sure what underlying message hk is trying to convey with that
      computer stuff. he could be hoping that eckists will remain in the dark
      if they keep away from the internet.

      or he could be saying that he understands things on a level the rest of us
      don't. like, he knows about harmful beams, and the rest of us are clueless.

      i was only in eckankar 5 years, mish. i was never a higher initiate.

      but i was as insider as one can be, i suppose, without being a higher initiate.

      one of my best friends was the RESA, and i dated two hi's. i was one of the

      - i only relate these things to say that i was quite immersed in the whole

      later, zoey...
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