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2652ECKANKAR: The H.I. Letter, June 2007

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 23, 2007
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      Hello All,
      Klemp takes a different approach with the
      H.I.s while still creating confusion with over-
      tones of Fear and Doubt. In this publication
      HK stresses MODERATON in regard to Internet

      It seems that either Klemp or Joan wrote the
      "Ask the Master" question because it somewhat
      resembles HK's comments in the June 2007 Wisdom
      Notes from The Mystic World, and there is no

      One, also, wonders why HK changes his approach
      to the Internet subject in The H.I. Letter compared
      to his negative comments in The Wisdom Notes.
      Once again, here, HK only talks of using "moderation"
      where the Internet is concerned. However, why is such
      a simple and redundant message given unless, of course,
      it's all a sham… which it is! Where is the real spiritual
      meat?! Actually, religion has nothing more to give!

      Q: "In this age of instant telecommunications,
      many of us seem to be caught up in a sort of
      frenzy, constantly communicating through
      phones, cell phones, e-mail, online chatting,
      free Internet calls, etc.

      It seems to me that people—especially the
      youths—are being trained in the methods of
      conquering distance and absence, rather than
      in the art of cultivating closeness and presence."

      [ME] Klemp is one to talk about the cultivating
      social skills, and Joan did not demonstrate very
      good communication skills with that third temporary
      postal clerk (09/2003 H.I. Letter).

      [1.] "Can this be too much of a good thing—a
      counterfeit of spiritual reality and freedom?

      [2.] How does this reflect man's spiritual condition?

      [3.] And is there anything we should keep in mind
      as we reach out with the teachings of ECK in
      the digital age?" [end of questions]

      [ME] Okay, let me give these a shot since most
      former Eckists have a better grasp of reality than
      Klemp does!

      1. For one thing, the only "counterfeit of reality and
      spiritual freedom" lies with: the fraud of Eckankar
      including its lineage/ancient history; the fiction behind
      the Inner Eck Initiations; the non existent powers of the
      Mahanta; and with the delusional & unbalanced "master"
      Klemp. However, can this digital age be too much of
      a distraction for many young people… yes! Balance
      and discretion (moderation) are key whether or not one
      lives in the Dark Age or Digital Age! However, there is
      another factor. Why are, mostly, young boys (Eckists too)
      being so obsessive/compulsive with playing video games
      on their computers?! What is lacking in their lives, and
      where is their Mahanta's protection and inner guidance?

      2. Well, it indicates that people from all around the
      world are finally communicating more and getting
      to know one another. Even boys and men are talking
      and expressing themselves more! This Digital Age
      will produce a greater means for people to grow and
      expand their own consciousness and that of world
      consciousness too! Once again, balance and discretion
      is needed.

      3. Eckists should keep in mind what Klemp states in his
      June 2007 Wisdom Notes. Klemp warns the Lower ranking
      Eckists to stay away from the Internet to avoid being exposed
      to harmful "beams," to read books instead, and to use pen and
      paper when writing anything. Yet, Klemp sees no harm in
      exposing ESC staffers and others to the "Invisible Electronic
      Beams" as long as it promotes his stature and vocation.
      The Catch-22 for Eckists is that when they are sick and disease
      ridden it is their fault, karma, or a means for spiritual growth.
      On the other hand… what kind of Love and Protection does
      Klemp claim to give chelas… and when… it's not in this here
      and now.

      Here is Klemp's response to these questions—

      A: "This issue is of great concern to me. In fact, I have
      Written an article about it for the Wisdom Notes in the
      June Mystic World.

      There is such a thing as computer addiction. Like any
      other addict—of alcohol, drugs, excess food, or negative
      thoughts—a computer addict is quick to deny he has lost
      control. He will sometimes fly into a rage when faced with
      that suggestion."

      [ME] I wonder if Klemp has ever seen the 1936
      propaganda film produced by the U.S. government
      titled "Reefer Madness?" Me thinks he just wants Eckists
      off the Internet.

      However, there is COMPUTER GAME ADDICTION.
      And, the IRONY here is that it is mostly young males.
      Eckankar claims that the male has "positive" atoms and
      this factor makes them eligible to become the LEM/Mahanta.
      By 2012 this should be listed in the Revised DSM-IV
      (DSM-IV-R) as an Impulse-Control Disorder specific
      to gender (male) and age.

      HK: "MODERATION in all things is the key to
      spiritual balance."

      [ME] True, but we already know this. Klemp is
      just being redundant. What about those harmful
      "beams" and EMR? Maybe some expensive EMR
      protective clothing and underwear would help too?
      The ESC should give protective EMR clothing to
      staffers using computers!

      HK: "There is admittedly much good information
      on the Internet IF one knows how to regulate his
      participation in getting it."

      [ME] Yes, this site (ESA) provides some very good
      information on Eckankar. Still, how does Klemp plan
      on protecting these present ESC staffers who are using
      computers at work? And what about those former staffers
      who have come down with "any number of illnesses"
      connected to the exposure of ESC computer related
      "Invisible Electronic Beams?"

      HK: "How surprising, then, to see how many LACK
      that self-discipline. Being an adult, of course, is no
      guarantee of having such wisdom."

      [ME] Is it a lack of self-discipline for those ESC
      staffers or a lack of awareness, on Klemp's part,
      of the working conditions at the ESC, and in
      connecting the dots… duh! Certainly HK and especially
      Joan have walked around and seen staffers busy at
      their computer terminals! And certainly a 9th like
      Joan and a 14th like little Harry can "see" these
      invisible beams (EMR) and the negative effects upon
      the physical body. Well, maybe not!

      HK: "Of equal concern to me are the ECK youth.
      Their bane is overindulgent parents who like to
      BRAG about the singular genius of their offspring.
      They mistake the mental for spiritual development.
      Here, also, the key is MODERATION in all things."

      [ME] So, Klemp is saying that one's Mental Development
      should be Moderated! It seems like HK and GW have the
      same plan… dumb down the population in order to fool
      them more easily! Yep, Klemp is quite the expert in
      child rearing too! The reason that H.I.s act like non-Eckists
      is because Eckankar is just a religion, but, with a different
      dogma than others. There is no higher consciousness or
      wisdom given out with or as a result of any initiation!

      All Klemp is really saying is that he doesn't want to
      hear reports of H.I.s acting or behaving like regular or
      "normal" people. Eckists must act "as if" they are
      superior normal and this will give the appearance and
      impression to cause others to think that Eckankar's
      mystical and spiritual claims are true.

      HK: "Ironically, ECKANKAR finds the Internet
      useful in introducing people to the ECK teachings.
      The Internet is a vital tool in our age. BUT digital
      age or not, just tell people what the ECK teachings
      have done for you, and what they can do for them."

      [ME] Well, that's what I'm doing Klemp… I'm
      introducing people to the Eck teachings! And what
      can Eckists do for Eckankar? I guess they better keep
      on renewing that membership every year for one thing!
      Keep on donating, buying books, pocket posters, HU
      CDs, volunteering, take trainings, teach classes, and
      be seen in a positive light by local H.I.s and the RESA.
      It's a vicious cycle, but it'll eventually pay off with
      another useless initiation or an exalted position in the
      RESA or ESC hierarchy. Eckists should remember one
      thing- Don't hurt your head on that 7th Initiate glass ceiling!
      In the meantime life has passed you by because you've
      disconnected from what you were placed here to learn.
      Oops! I guess the KAL has more than one trick, or religion,
      up his sleeve!

      BTW- It's interesting that with the H.I.s Klemp never
      once mentioned those harmful "invisible electronic
      beams" in this H.I. Letter. Now why is that? Are H.I.s
      immune from them, but lower initiates aren't? Is
      Klemp, also, on a personal vendetta in regard to those
      Eck parents that "BRAG" about their children's educational
      accomplishments. Is HK jealous of these Eck parents since
      he was such a failure as a father? Maybe some guilt, as well
      as, envy is showing itself... again!

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