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264Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 14, 2005
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      Hi Liz,
      Have a nice camping trip and keep dry. I enjoyed your comments and
      have a few more of my own to share.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Greg and Liz
      <whitefeatherliz@y...> wrote:
      prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@y...> wrote:

      >>Of course, many Eckists suddenly discovered their own health
      problems were related to EMR as well! Funny how that special
      (Mahanta suggested) "Golden-Tongued Wisdom" (self-fulfilling)
      prophecy thing works with highly suggestible people.

      >*** I probably shouldn't get in on this topic since I won't be
      around for a couple weeks. :-) But this is just too much fun!

      >***I have to share something that maybe others were thinking or
      even recall hearing other eckist claiming back in the early days of
      Klump's illness issues.... and maybe still do? Take my Mom for
      example, who also became ill around the same time as this EMR
      illness came up. She proudly boasted that she would willingly (as
      an HI, since the lowly couldn't handle it) help take on Klump's
      illness so he wouldn't have to carry all the burden of the universe
      by himself! She used to claim Klump's illness and other's were due
      to the shift taking place in the consciousness of this universe,
      because Klump was bringing it up to a new initiation level. And by
      this event, Klump and Co. would be taking on the karma of the
      universe. (Her illness isn't EMR, but she claims it is related
      because of an inner experience with Klump; her illness wasn't what
      it seemed. So for quit a long time she refused treatment because
      Klump was going to heal her.... then one afternoon her doctor
      entered her room with the gloomy prognoses that if she didn't take
      the treatment she would be dead by morning. For someone that
      pretended to commit suicide for attention for most of my early
      years, she sure was afraid of death that day!)

      Yes, many Eckists were acting very vain in thinking they were
      helping the L.E.M./Mahanta (Klump) with the karma that he had taken
      on for the world. LOL! Shit still happened in the world so it didn't
      seem to help did it! We got Dubya as Pres so consciousness even
      dropped a couple of notches! Thanks you very much Harold! Not!

      Remember how H.I.s would sit in the front row at seminars when Klemp
      gave his talks. This was to place a wall of protection between him
      and and the other initiates (and Nons). I believe Klemp even
      mentioned this once. Since people had flown or driven to the seminar
      they were still stressed out from the long journey and not in a
      positive or balanced mode, and Klemp needed protection from these
      negative or chaotic energies because he was already weakened.

      Therefore, is it any wonder that Eckists thought they needed to help
      out with taking on Klemp's "world" karma or that of all Eckists.
      However, this delusion prevented these Eckists (through vanity) from
      taking responsibility and reviewing their own actions (and karma)
      which attributed to their own health problems. Not too long ago in a
      Mystic World article Klemp pointed out that no one could take on
      karma for the L.E.M./Mahanta. Of course, even having a wall of H.I.s
      in front of him kind of makes one wonder why HK needed it if he is
      all that he claims! I wonder if Eckists ever thought about that? I
      didn't! But, at least I was never a vain martyr like many
      (apparantly) in thinking that I could take on Karma for Klemp!

      >>Yes, Klemp just has to suggest something and half the Eckists will
      experience it in one form or another. They're "plugged in" but Not
      to the Eck (Holy Spirit), but to mass hypnotic suggestion and
      delusion. As above so below.

      >***Most of us were part of that delusion. Yet I, on a very rare
      occasion question what it was that actually *woke* me up to this. I
      have to think of it as a very long deep sleep. (30 years) One
      beautiful sunny morning the curtains just couldn't keep the light
      from waking me.

      I know!

      I once questioned someone from the ESC about discontinuing Paul's
      books (about twenty years ago when it first started), and was told
      not to second guess the Mahanta! The guy was rather arrogant, but a
      good little soldier just the same. Let's not question why this
      historical information is being discontinued and is now totally
      unavailable! The thing is... if Twitchell's stuff isn't on as high
      of a level of consciousness with the current teaching... so what! At
      least make it available to card carrying paid members of Eckankar,
      or at least to H.I.s! Let Eckists decide what is valuable and what
      is not, and Not let Klemp decide for you! Why is censorship
      necessary unless there is something to hide?

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