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  • marlasobbing
    Jun 19, 2007
      Hi, Marla!
      I have pasted your question you asked at the end of your fine post
      that also follows at the end of my response here. Marla asks:

      "So my question is, is my ex-boyfriend just an undesireable person
      are his behaviors consistent with Eckankar's tenets?"

      To be fair and not overly generalize the negative behaviors of
      since I do believe many are very fine individuals with a better than
      average moral compass. However, I also see in the teachings as
      out by dysfunctional and looney Harold Klemp, that some eckists, like
      your boyfriend, use the teachings to justify undesirable and anti-
      behaviors. And even some of the nicest eckists will use
      the "detachment"
      excuse for justifying their seemingly lack of compassion. Why do
      they do
      this? Well, HK displays and teaches this all the time. But I think
      it is an
      issue that really hurts many eckists when they try to
      follow/practice this.
      The heart knows better. But those who are not so troubled in being
      detached are actually smug arrogant snobby spiritually devoid
      individuals. I think your boyfriend has really lost his Higher Self
      following the eckankar teachings thusly. And yes, he is an
      person because of how he implements the eck teachings for his
      advancement over others.

      Your boyfriend of one year was really putting your down with his
      eck spins. You say he gave you a 5 while he felt he was a 7 on the
      scale of spiritual advancement--I would bet that his number would
      be going up while you either remained a 5 or were demoted to a lesser
      rung! : ) The ego is very powerful, so once again, many eckists are
      measuring themselves against others' consciousness--as though, they
      have the ability/knowledge to do so. Very arrogant and very

      I wish you the best, and hope you find someone who is more honest
      with his life and can appreciate others for being Soul, as in Soul