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2566Re: Quantum Physics and the mind's power to create

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  • prometheus_973
    May 1, 2007
      Hi Kaye,
      I enjoyed reading your comments and I agree with them.
      I had some more comments to make about the "higher"
      Planes that ECKANKAR promotes.


      xekweed wrote:

      Hello Prometheus & Mish,

      I re-read the stories from the seminar and wonder if these
      people are aware of quantum physics- the "spooky science".
      If anyone has seen the movie, "What the Bleep do we Know!?",
      or studied the subject, they are aware of the power of the mind.
      The mind can attract what it craves. We can, by our thoughts,
      create our own realities.

      When I believed in the ekult teachings-I had vivid experiences,
      because I have a fertile imagination. I could conjure up any of
      those masters, the godman or Twitch, himself. I could "visit"
      the made up cities, higher planes, etc. To what end? These were
      not enlightening experiences. They did not teach me anything
      or help me with my problems. They were just detailed, fantasy
      images created by my mind based on the suggestions contained
      in the books and discourses.

      [ME] I agree that these Higher Planes are imagined. There are
      no higher planes or higher initiations or higher castes! When
      someone thinks they are "higher" then they are Not! It's an ego
      booster for the insecure, the fearful and the arrogant! Imagination
      requires a fine balance that is beyond the coarseness of belief in
      the dogmas of groups (religion). This is subjective, personal, and
      private. We each use our own unique language to speak these truths
      to Soul and Spirit has a unique language for our ears only. This is
      why the religions of others DON'T work for individual Souls. This
      has been a misunderstood principle that has been abused by the
      amoral power mongers over time. Religions and higher initiations
      and higher planes are insignificant when compared to this TRUTH.

      My real spiritual and physical progress began when I left the
      teachings behind and my mind was cleared of these images
      and ideas. The fog lifted and my insights became sharper and
      more beneficial. I started to work on myself and was able to
      deal with my problems. I felt free and empowered at last!
      I made more progress in a few months than I did in all those
      15+ years in the cult. Therefore, I can only conclude that the
      members of ekult want what it offers them and don't know
      or care how much they are really missing. Sad, but the choice
      is theirs' to make.

      I'm trying some of OSHO's meditation techniques and find
      them very relaxing. No more directed contemplations for me!
      I don't need any masters.

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