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255Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 13, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      True, Klemp's a liar! He watches TV and surfs the Internet! In 1990,
      when David Lane put his information of Eckankar on the Internet, is
      when Klemp first started to have "EMR health problems." Of course,
      many Eckists suddenly discovered their own health problems were
      related to EMR as well! Funny how that special (Mahanta
      suggested) "Golden-Tongued Wisdom" (self-fulfilling) prophecy thing
      works with highly suggestible people.

      Yes, Klemp just has to suggest something and half the Eckists will
      experience it in one form or another. They're "plugged in" but Not
      to the Eck (Holy Spirit), but to mass hypnotic suggestion and
      delusion. As above so below.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:

      Since Klemp uses the term "fully cooked" in his H.I. Letter, do you
      think he actually watches Judge Judy? I didn't think Harold watched
      TV, because he suffers from that weird EMR disease. But perhaps that
      is just a Klemp myth--a sort of conspiracy created to keep Eckists
      away from TVs and computers where they might be exposed to the
      Truth??? It seems to be a disease that Eckists do contract--I
      learned of at least two having it before leaving Eckankar! Curious
      that they both are H.I.s--those higher vibrations are so sensitive,
      aren't they! : )

      > Mish
      > Prometheus wrote:
      > Klemp even suggests that Shamus could have been murdered by
      > > Rumi's disciples! Actually, Klemp seems to know what Shamus was
      > > thinking by describing it (at first) in terms that Judge Judy
      > TV
      > > fame) might use, but then HK starts to backpedal and
      > > speculate. "Rumi, he felt needed 'to be cooked' by separation.
      > After
      > > all, his first departure had seen in Rumi a far greater devotion
      > to
      > > God. Yet he still leaned too heavily on Shamus; it was holding
      > > back spiritually, so Shamus may have decided to pop Rumi back in
      > the
      > > oven."
      > >
      > > Now this is interesting! Here Klemp states that Rumi could only
      > > become fully "cooked" spiritually if he was separated from his
      > > Master. So, since Rumi was unwilling to leave or say good-bye
      > > Shamus did the right thing and let him go by walking away. . .
      > > maybe. Or maybe Shamus was assassinated! Two things come to
      > > Why doesn't Klemp (the Mahanta) know the truth about Shamus
      > > Shamus also possessed the Mahanta consciousness? Klemp screwed
      > that
      > > up, didn't he! And secondly, why doesn't Klemp let his H.I.s go
      > and
      > > allow them to become more fully "cooked" since he is,
      > > holding them "back spiritually!" "And so there we leave it."
      > >
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