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2543Re: Quantum Physics and the mind's power to create

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 17 10:27 AM
      HI Kaye,
      I enjoyed reading your insights. I, too, have had similar
      insights. I'd like to share some pre-ECK, during-ECK,
      and post-ECKANKAR views as well.

      xekweed wrote:
      The mind can attract what it craves. We can, by our thoughts,
      create our own realities. When I believed in the ekult teachings-
      I had vivid experiences, because I have a fertile imagination.
      I could conjure up any of those masters, the godman or Twitch,
      himself. I could "visit" the made up cities, higher planes, etc.
      To what end?

      ### Actually, pre-ECKANKAR I had vivid inner experiences
      and had outer phenomenal things happen to me without
      attempting to form images or experiences. My meditation
      techniques, at the time, were simply designed to open the
      door to the inner worlds and then let whatever happen. I,
      also, had vivid dream experiences including lucid dreaming.

      These were not enlightening experiences. They did not teach
      me anything or help me with my problems. They were just
      detailed, fantasy images created by my mind based on the
      suggestions contained in the books and discourses.

      ### It is true that during ECKANKAR I imagined much more.
      This is taught in order to jump-start one's inner spiritual
      experience, and to help in conjuring up those ECK Masters.
      And it worked... they appeared, as well as, Klemp. They told
      me things that were not completely unknown to me (Soul),
      but it verified somewhat that I was on track- I thought.
      I, also, thought that more and more would be revealed to me
      the higher that I went up the initiation ladder. All that I really
      discovered was that ECKANKAR is a path of illusions. One's
      spiritual search and growth is a subjective experience and,
      therefore, cannot be measured with initiation numbers or
      experienced in a group (religious) setting with a "Master"
      and a set of rules (dogma and guidelines) to follow.

      My real spiritual and physical progress began when I left the
      teachings behind and my mind was cleared of these images
      and ideas. The fog lifted and my insights became sharper and
      more beneficial. I started to work on myself and was able to
      deal with my problems. I felt free and empowered at last! I
      made more progress in a few months than I did in all those
      15+ years in the cult. Therefore, I can only conclude that the
      members of ekult want what it offers them and don't know or
      care how much they are really missing. Sad, but the choice is
      theirs' to make. I'm trying some of OSHO's meditation techniques
      and find them very relaxing. No more directed contemplations
      for me! I don't need any masters.

      ### After leaving the e-cult I too experienced a clarity of vision
      that was beyond any experience from all my years in ECKANKAR.
      Once, for 36 hours I experienced what seemed like perfect
      contentment. And, immediately, after leaving ECKANKAR, I had
      the experience of what felt like a huge weight being lifted off my
      shoulders! All the stress was gone! No more following of Guidelines,
      no more intros, no more jumping through hoops, or keeping
      silent of the nonsense or the unspiritual and out-of-balance,
      dysfunctional, anti-social control freaks I had to work with.
      Actually, just keeping one's eyes and ears open will show ECKists
      that those initiations are phoney when they see those holding
      H.I. status behaving the way they do.

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