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253Re: Eckankar: The H.I. Letter June 2005

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 13, 2005
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      Since Klemp uses the term "fully cooked" in his H.I. Letter, do you
      think he actually watches Judge Judy? I didn't think Harold watched
      TV, because he suffers from that weird EMR disease. But perhaps that
      is just a Klemp myth--a sort of conspiracy created to keep Eckists
      away from TVs and computers where they might be exposed to the
      Truth??? It seems to be a disease that Eckists do contract--I
      learned of at least two having it before leaving Eckankar! Curious
      that they both are H.I.s--those higher vibrations are so sensitive,
      aren't they! : )


      Prometheus wrote:

      Klemp even suggests that Shamus could have been murdered by
      > Rumi's disciples! Actually, Klemp seems to know what Shamus was
      > thinking by describing it (at first) in terms that Judge Judy (of
      > fame) might use, but then HK starts to backpedal and
      > speculate. "Rumi, he felt needed 'to be cooked' by separation.
      > all, his first departure had seen in Rumi a far greater devotion
      > God. Yet he still leaned too heavily on Shamus; it was holding him
      > back spiritually, so Shamus may have decided to pop Rumi back in
      > oven."
      > Now this is interesting! Here Klemp states that Rumi could only
      > become fully "cooked" spiritually if he was separated from his
      > Master. So, since Rumi was unwilling to leave or say good-bye then
      > Shamus did the right thing and let him go by walking away. . .
      > maybe. Or maybe Shamus was assassinated! Two things come to mind.
      > Why doesn't Klemp (the Mahanta) know the truth about Shamus since
      > Shamus also possessed the Mahanta consciousness? Klemp screwed
      > up, didn't he! And secondly, why doesn't Klemp let his H.I.s go
      > allow them to become more fully "cooked" since he is, apparently,
      > holding them "back spiritually!" "And so there we leave it."
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