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243Re: Some of My Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories, Etc.

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  • l2eigh
    Jul 6, 2005
      > So I guess my question for you guys is: What the hell IS out there, in
      > your opinion, that you can trust and work with, > I am at a loss, and
      I feel very frustrated and tired at this point. I
      > really don't know where to turn anymore. I hope that someone out there
      > can say something that will help guide me in the right direction.

      Hi Truthdecider:
      When I started posting on HCS/TS last year it was as R.
      After a couple of months I quit because there was nothing else to say.
      Then in January, Garland Peck posted something about Neanderthal Man
      and why Lemuria/Atlantis was bogus so I got interested again and posted
      this time in my first and last name Ralph Griffith, so... we "know" one
      I'm just responding to a couple of sentences from your
      post. Because (like the problem you outline) you can't bring it all
      inside and get an answer to it, find "the answers". You HAVE to get
      back to the core(that rocky road)and work with that. Letting all of
      these other things go. I'd go back to therapy and talk about your
      childhood problems (only) (if that's what everything is wound around).
      "What the hell is there out there to work with?" (as
      you say). There isn't anything. That's mistake one. It just widens and
      exascerbates the problem with your core, which is where the problem is
      and what the problem is with. You've GOT to find it again, resolve the
      rocky road of integrity for this small thing within you and DON'T let
      anything into it again. That's how this, all this thing, starts.
      There's the core (yours) and "everything else". And when you try to
      throw your arms around "everything else" and bring it into the core to
      resolve it, understand it (whatever)that's when everything goes wrong.
      Widening and expanding it just makes it worse. You may have delusional
      success at learning "higher stuff" for a while but the consequences of
      bringing all the outside into your center eventually catches up.
      Don't get me wrong, I like everyone in this group a lot
      but the only thing anyone can do with groups like this, usenet groups,
      bulletin boards, or find on them is an opinion, what serves as truth
      for the person posting. The answer's not "out there". There is no
      answer like that. What you've got to do is get back in touch with the
      tiny core of reality within yourself which is probably going to mean
      you've got to let go of all this other stuff, everything else.
      I'm going through some heavy stuff myself, now so I've
      stayed out of this, as I sure have enough on my own plate. But what
      you've said in this post I'm responding to is pretty specific in a
      couple of sentences. So, I don't know if it helps, but do what you can,
      and leave all this other poo alone. It just increases your own
      traumatic stress. Don't you think?
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