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  • etznab@aol.com
    Mar 23, 2007
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      Hey here is an idea, why not ask Darwin for the original info on PT?  He claims to have PT's best interest at heart.  Whereas HK just wants to cover it up and make eckankrap his Christian type religion!  :-O


         I thought about Darwin. But I don't know. Consider the following:

      "According to testimony taken on May 31st, 1984, the former Living
      ECK Master, Darwin Gross, reportedly claimed that in January, 1983,
      his successor, Harold Klemp, was asked to step aside. Reportedly, it
      was Rebazar Tarz and Yaubl Sacabi who asked Harold Klemp to step

      Confessions of a God Seeker,  A Journey to Higher Consciousness,
      p. 239

         If I remember this correctly, it was an Eckist who had a dream that
      Darwin Gross later tried to use for a defense. So it wasn't like Rebazar
      Tarzs and Yaubl Sacabi spoke directly to Darwin. Is this the correct

         Yes, I thought about Darwin. Need I say more?


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