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  • ewickings
    Mar 23, 2007
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      Etznab wrote:    What is wrong with this picture? Anything?

      "During the middle and later part of the nineteenth century
      Yu Rangta, a Chinese Master, lived in the Gobi Desert and
      was the living ECK Master of his times."

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195] - [Original copyright 1971]

      "The next Master was Sudar Singh of Allahabad who spread
      ECK to Europe and other places on the globe. He lived into his
      nineties before passing away."

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195]

      "Tamaqui. tah-MAH-kee. A minor ECK Master in Germany during
      the latter part of the nineteenth century."

      [Based on: A Cosmic Sea of Words - The Eckankar Lexicon, by
      Harold Klemp (Copyright 1998), p. 205]

      "Following him [Sudar Singh] is Peddar Zaskq ... He became the
      Mahanta, the living ECK Master after studying under Rebazar

      [Based on: The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th
      printing 1983, p. 195]


           Funny though that there is not any "historical records" of Rebazar
      Tarzs or Sudar Singh - at least not "historical" in the same sense as
      Kirpal Singh. Ironic if his name [Kirpal Singh] was replaced by "non-
      historical" characters. Some might even say "mythical? characters.

         Personally, I myself would like to know if this is in fact the case.
      At least so that I could put all of these characters into better context.


      Etznab what I find to be wrong with "This Picture" is that each of these quotes from the eck books are from those that HK started editing.  Why not get your hands on first copies of the books Paul wrote, so you can see how it was changed over the years?  As Paul saw fit, he changed the names of Masters...   As HK sees fit, he changes the eck teachings to cover up the truth!  I would also suspect HK's eck Lawyer/s have counseled him on the repercussions if he were to come completely clean and spill his guts.  Can you just imagine how many eckies would be jumping off bridges to end their lives because they were duped for so long!? 
      One can only assume how things in Oregon went when Darwin moved his office there and tried to set up his eckankar, later ATOM.  Now those chelas there must be real looney birds what with all the confusion that they experienced first hand!  ;-)  And how many of them were duped by Darwin from that area, before they realized he was a black magician who initiated HK......  And then in the end didn't Darwin fight for the rod...  Sounds like a Star Wars movie.  Oh wait, didn't Darwin compare eckankar to it?  May the force be with you.....   LOL 
      Hey here is an idea, why not ask Darwin for the original info on PT?  He claims to have PT's best interest at heart.  Whereas HK just wants to cover it up and make eckankrap his Christian type religion!  :-O
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