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237Re: HCS discussion

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 5 12:21 PM
      Kipling's "If" poem is rather nice, but when figuring out why it is
      posted on HCS, one has to wonder if the poster is putting herself
      again up on a pedestal. Unfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing
      problem, and the person doesn't get it! Personally, I don't care
      what others believe--everyone is entitled to their beliefs/opinions,
      but when someone continously pushes it/promotes it, and seems to
      look down on those who differ, well I have a problem with that. From
      the beginning, I detected the arrogance that comes with the postings
      of these individuals. At first, I thought something was lost in
      translation, but since it continues, well it seems to be a part of
      the personality so to speak! Maybe, it is a factor in not being able
      to let go of Eckankar and that bogus HI status? As for parroting and
      paraphrasing others' words, well, isn't that a part of being
      brainwashed? Original thinking is lost.

      I believe that the conspiracy theories/aliens/Icke speak etc. will
      continue to be posted on HCS. Some people are encouraging it, and
      perhaps, as Prometheus suggests, that might be a conspiracy of sorts
      against HCS! : ) The bottom line, though, is that Ford allows it,
      approves of it, and that is the way his sites will be. It is his
      responsibility and decision on how he wants the complexion of his
      sites to look--it's his vision.

      Anyway, I do not foresee any changes in the postings on HCS. Both
      Betty and Mario have basically said they cannot be stopped! : )
      Well, good for them! (blink! blink!) (In case, you didn't catch the
      significance of the "blink"--that's a Harold techique--LOL!)

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